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Purchased First Airboat

Pulled cage and engine stand out of boat to have Rhinolined. Need help to identify engine, I know about the Lycoming site but cannot find any numbers that look remotely close on block. Boat is 11' aluminum with new teflon. Engine is four cylinder that looks to have been rebuilt fairly recently. Guy I purchased it from said it was a 180h.p. but has a wooden prop from the 120 h.p. that was previously in boat. Going to get a new prop before running the boat. Looking at the cypress series comp. prop.Going to rewire and put all new guages and fuel lines. Need new motor mount bushings but I don't have any links or ph #'s. Any info on motor mount bushings or engine or need to know stuff about air boating in general would be appreciated! Thanks a bunch !! I'm pumped to get this thing back together!!! :D
Welcome Bankwalker, I just recently purchased an 11' Diamondback with a Lyc. 0360 180hp. I'm new to aircraft, I had an Auto boat and sold it 2 yrs. ago. I'm in your backyard of Metairie if you'd like to look at anything on my boat. You will get lots of help from this site. Congrats, glad to have you aboard!
first off welcome aboard :D

a picture may help some of these lycoming guys jump right in an say witch motor it is . my first two guess on what you have said so far is either a 125 built up or a 0360
Well a quick way to determine IF it's possible an O-360 (180hp) or O-320 (150~160hp) is to look at the bolts holding the prop on: If they're 1/2" bolts (need a 3/4" wrench) it's most likely an O-360. Seeing how you said it had the prop off a 120hp it might be the O-320 because it and the O-290 (125hp) use 3/8" bolts to retain the prop. Of course this isn't an absolute and the prop could have been re-drilled to the larger size, that said a 180 should spin the hell out of that smaller prop.

How is the propeller marked? ie: 66LML36 or 68LXL38 or ???
Bankwalker":chu1h6pq said:
I will post a picture as soon as I get a chance!

Well, you just see to it that you do, mister!!!
People who don't post pics of their boat will quickly become persona non grata around here! :shock:

(that means unacceptable for all you c/m guys) :D
Oops, that Rhinoling is very heavy, a long time ago David Gore didn't even paint the rigging on his boats that he outrun people with. When questioned about it, he said, did you ever pick up a can of paint, its heavy. Boat performance is directly related to lbs per horsepower, carrying a load and easy planing is lbs per square feet of bottom area, (which means the size of your girlfriend governs how much beer you can take).
R L Williams

(which means the size of your girlfriend governs how much beer you can take).

And here I thought I was the size of your girlfriend governs how much beer you needed to take :lol: