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Racing question

marshmaster pat

Well-known member
Has anyone ever put together something where you would just look at top end speeds instead of fastest 400 or whatever?

I realize that track would have to be extremely long, but just wondering.

I mean heck, they did oval track airboat races correct, so someone surely tried this.
I'd be interested in this info also. I have a close personal freind who raced back on lake Kissimmee in the early-mid 70s when they raced a full 1/4 mile, and his story is that before noon two people were hauled away in via ambulance/hearse. I have no way to document/prove this, and all I have is his word (Which has always proven to be rock-solid) I also know that the majority of boats can run wide open (top speed), but when you combine true race-bred HP and similar equipment....Airboats tend to fly, and probably why that method of measurement isn't used anymore, and why courses get shorter.

On my buddies blue boat in my galley I haven't been able to hold it open for 10 seconds, Usually I run out of room or it's going too damn fast. This thing weighs in under 700lbs and is putting out over 300hp and is hella quick, and the previous owner used to spray it as well. There is no way I would hold that thing wide open for a top end run, I could see bad things happening.

So flat bottoms can be really trickey at really fas speeds, everyone that didn't know that put your hands up. I guess if it was more adventagous to go fast more of you guys would be building v's with steps! I'm thinking a 7 degree V isn't as controlable on dry as a flat, stepped or otherwize!