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I've been told that Diamondback Airboats is donating a nice set of rudders to be raffled off on the 16th. I am donating a case of Aeroshell. If any one else has anything they would like to throw in for a raffle bring it and we'll make it happen.

From what I am hearing, it sounds like this one will be BIG!!! At least in terms of what's being put together to be sent off. :p

I'll donate an AirBoatMaps.com aerial map to the raffle. I just ordered one of the Loughman area from the printshop.


Hey ya'll,

The rudders Diamondback's donating are custom airbrushed and would probably cost someone 3-4 hundred to have done.

Ms Wizard will be selling the raffle tickets early Saturday morning, (one buck a ticket). We will draw for the raffle items at 10 A.M. sharp.

This would be best to get everyone out on the water faster. Skeeter has said this will probably be a nice long ride so MsWizard and I will be there early to help with donations/packaging, etc.

Please advise if this OK with everyone :wink:

Basket I will Friday Night and be more than willing do anything that need be done.

But I have limits. :shock: :D
I guess I'm lost here, but what is the raffle money for?

Rudders are more like $500 That's what it cost me for mine.
Hey Mudpuppy, you never called me back. I called you and left a voice mail. I've already made the run north, but probably can still getter dun. let me know what this here donation thing is all about too. Later, Cajun
The raffle is simply to raise money to put towards this event....I have no clue what shipping will cost simply because I don't know how big this thing will be. So, the more money we have the better just in case. I am pretty confident that we will have a surplus of funds, in which case we will have to decide what to do with it....donate it to a worthy cause, buy more stuff, whatever. I have had several people contact me wanting to cover most if not all of the shipping the cost however I would feel real bad if the amount of donations was huge and the shipping cost ran way more than expected....

Cajun, the donations are for the care packages that we are putting together to send to the troops on Dec. 16th. We'll be meeting at Loughman Lake Lodge that morning and leaving to ride hopefully no later than 11:00 or so I'd guess. Skeeter knows the route.

BPS...Would you please refresh the list of "items needed". Also, I have seen no mention of single use digital cameras...wonder if those would be acceptable for getting pics of loved ones back home. Please, give us a few specific targets.

Is there any organized effort at lunch on the run or is it all BYOF?

We will have a spot for a soldier, sailor or Marine to ride on my boat.

We will be there.
I will be there bright and early Saturday morning and help out as much as possible. I have also asked Kaos and he will be donating something from the store for the cause.
If you guys are still looking for a donation. I will donate a bangstick. Someone will have to get it before Friday afternoon as I will be headed to do some hog hunts for the weekend but I will be glad to donate it. Let me know. I am in Cocoa.

I'll gladly accept and pick-up the bang stick for the event.

I'm in Cocoa about 2-3 times a week for work.

Can you PM me an address and good time for you next week?

YEAH Big Daddy. I am happy you will make it there. As far as lunch I believe Skeeter talked to Loughmans and is having extra staff for that day so we can all eat there.
Thought I would get this back up top, plus can someone post an address to send stuff to? I'll see what kind of gator stuff is out there in the shop getting dust on it. Thanx, Cajun
Someone mentioned drawing for the raffled items at 10am. In my opinion that's a little early ..... some may not be arriving until about that time, and the longer you can run them the more money you'll bring in.

Good idea - it'd be a good reason to get everyone together after the ride.
And maybe sell a few last minute impulse raffle tickets.

Jeff - I like your idea (from one of the other threads) for a group photo too. That is long overdue.
All it takes is a minute or two of effort to gather everyone together. Then we have something to show.

Wow Jeff that is a good idea. I think we have yet to do that and I think that would be awesome!! I too think 10am is a little too early for the raffle to be done. There are alot of people coming from all over and I think we need to give them a chance to get there.

Raffle will have to go down before the ride as I think our hosting club members S.C.A.C. might "high tail" it from the river back home. I just want to make sure everyone's there, (must be present to win) is gonna be our best bet. I agree 10 A.M. is early so we'll play it by ear and draw the winners right before we ride.

Please can we get a group picture organized :wink:

darkwader: But I have limits

Hmmm, reckon you ain't been around this bunch before, huh?
Appreciate the offer of help.

Seein' as how I am gonna be the one selling some of these tickets, I agree we play it by ear.

And yes, we need to do that group photo we talk about but never get done.