Raffle Items

I've been tied up with some personal things going on here. If I can, I will try to get something to A1, can't promise tho. Thanx, Cajun
Mz. Wizard, I will be there to help you. We plan on getting there early Saturday morning.
Hey ya'll,

A lot of money was raised from the raffle/auction. For those of you who weren't there, the items included the following:

Rudders-Donated by Diamondback Airboats
Aerial map-not sure what area- Donated by Moodfood
Case of aircraft oil-Donated by BPS
4 Southern airboat t-shirts-donated by Rick and Teresa of course.
2 gift certificates to a restaurant? Rick and Teresa?

After buying 100 tickets,(Limey chris had 200) :shock: I won the case of oil/donated it back for raffle. I was the 3rd and final person to wind up with the rudders as Ms Wizard outbid someone by one dollar at the live auction.

The raffle was a huge success! I really hope we do another raffle in all our future events :roll:

Dont forget the 2 pairs of earrings Mrs. Safari donated from her jewelry store. Hmmmm seems to me that there was supose to be another hat at that auction but not quite sure what happened to it :lol: :lol: :lol: .
I tried pretty hard to win some earings for Nicole, but I didn't so now she doesn't have anything under the tree....I did trade a shirt for a nice gift certificate though!!!! I wonder if Nicole needs a new set of metalworks????? :?:

That raffle was a lot of fun....I just need to talk with those little boys more before the next one. Their grandma did and they hooked her and grandpa right up with a new set of rudders!!!!!

Yea BPS a case I thought had 12 quarts in them :? but I don't care I would have been happy winning the bubble wrap of the rudders just to win something. :D

As far as the two little boys I told them if they did not want to sleep with the possums that they need to pull a winning ticket. :lol: :lol:
darkwader":3vvn2z0v said:
Yea BPS a case I thought had 12 quarts in them :?

It was missing one??? I got the last two cases on the store shelf. I kept one case and changed my oil. I knew that one had some damage (it was the better of the two) but I didn't know it was short a quart.....

Sorry DW, next time I see you I'll see to it that you get one. :wink:

An update on the raffle funds....I spoke with the powers that be at Wal-mart today. They are going to get back with me but are pretty sure they will donate the cards. So I need an address for the Fallen Soldier trust fund just in case.

I won a pair of those beautiful earrings from Mrs. Safari. I also woke up Sunday morning with this good looking hat on......

BPS...don't forget to send addresses....thanks

Ms. Wizard":2u8ul51c said:
...pretty sure they will donate the cards.

WOW. That is HUGE Dawn!!!! My heart swells at the thought of this whole project. It started out so small and just keeps getting bigger.

I feel proud to have been even a small part in it all. :D

Let us know Dawn. It's impossible to add up the value of all the packages we sent. It's hard to even guess. But when this is all said and done, we will have given how much - 6 to 8 thousand dollars worth of stuff? The calling cards, Fallen Soldier, and postage come to $3300. And that does not even account for the value of the 1000 pounds of STUFF.

Yeah I mighta had 200 tixs but I won a cool t shirt for the hot chick hangin` out wi me. ( I gave her the t shirt to be my friend) :lol: