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Re-union Friday night recon ride


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Hey ya'll,

Trying to get a Friday night Oct. 6 "recon ride" organized to check out the marsh before Sat. Oct. 7th. Would help most people decide where to ride that Saturday instead of a bunch of people burnin' up engines>

Anybody up to the ride that Friday :roll:

Count me in basket. I am sure some of the seminole county crew will be up for it as well. Some of my friends from palm beach will be up also early friday.
I will try and make it also ... baskey whats the difference between burnin em up on friday night and burnin em up on sat night LOL besides the limit is where it gets fun, gotta push the envelope a little or else its a kicker boat. just kiddin see ya there, man since you got that counter rotator we can't keep you in the water LOL we gonna change your name to "dry basketcase" if you keep on. maybe I can get you to run cover for me now because of my bargemobile.
The marsh is fun at night once the dew drops. Been through it the last couple weeekends. It's dry as a bone from bullsh#t hill to the bar pit, but the tall grass makes for easy riding. Look out for a couple mud spots they can be sticky!

Got a big ride group goin on here. Gotta all agree on a time, maybe meet a B.S. Hill?

Limey, The more the merrier, come on! I think that most of the folks above will be coming out of Camp Mack Friday night.

SB, Maybe we'll get some more rain by then. I'm rain dancin :blob:

Cntry, Blowin-up Friday nights not as embarrassing as Saturday night when everybody and thier brother will be there :D Aint' no hill climber but I don't have to get my feet wet as much as I used to! By the way.....
How's them frawgs comin' for Saturday?

They been runnin but they didn't hide so good LOL we got enough I think , I just aint sure if we need them at the krvsa cookout or the saturday night cookout. I think we got about 5gallons of legs and Stan and I are goin this weekend so we should be good to go.

I checked my prop tonight, blades are all set the same, nothin slipped. I welded all the broken wires back on, I fixed the alt. belt I cut off last weekend because it was squealin and I was froggin, no time to adjust it. We was on the last hole for the night. I found and fixed a bad ground connection on my msd box, mighta been the problem with the boat cuttin out climbin a serious hill saturday night with 4 of us on it, course it was a little steep to walk up anyways, I got em over halfway up and it stopped right between 2 trees, and couldn't wiggle it just had to pour it on it but it came on up. Then the trailer was sitting cockeyed in the ditch longways not crossways so had to chase stan down the side of the road till I hit a spot to jump it back on the trailer. We did ok on the frogs though so it was worth it. I will get the bugs outta this thing soon. I havent tried a long dry run yet only ran a 1/2 mile or so to get into one frog hole I found. I don't mind tryin the dry gardner marsh especially if basket is there to get me out if I get stuck. When you got folks around you can try anything once. LOL Where stan and I been testing it there was no other boats for backup so had to be a little laid back. I will do my best to be there friday afternoon/evening so ya'll bring a rope I may need it.
No rain in the forecast up here until Fri. the 6th. Tow day. Hope y'all fair a little better than that. olf
CNTRY141, Glad to hear you and stan are coming to the reunion . Haven't seen y'all since orange lake. Looking forward to seeing the new ride also.

Hey ya'll,

We still gotta agree on a time and place to met Friday night :roll: I know most will be out of Camp Mack....

Maybe make the decision then to ride other area than the marsh.

Basket; given the water level in the marsh reports on here it may be the better part of valor to meet at B.S. HILL and figure from there. The marsh would certainly be a challenge but is it really worth it, dunno, I put mine in some slightly tough stuff saturday afternoon and night and it did alright. Well except for the summit alternator split in half, but that was no big deal, it just meant frogging was pretty much done for the evening.

So probably need to play it by ear, and see who all is sittin on the hill and wants to ride and where, riding the lake shore is boring but fixin your boat is expensive, so weigh it out. Hope to see ya'll there.
Hey Ya'll - BS Hill is surrounded by black mud right now. The Bus, at least, offers short grass and the trail out of North Cove to Catfish / Square / Bar / Billy Goat is at least grass covered......

Hope we don't just try to tear boats up.......Plenty of our members are great airboaters and still on the road to "Bad Azz".

Just a thought.....
Big Daddy, Is lake cypress fish camp open at night? Maybe ride over that way. Haven' t been there since the poker run but there was some nice running on the north and west side of cypress.
BigDaddy, I understand your comment.
Conditions are right for some folks to get hurt (limited water, narrow trails) and we sure don't want that to happen.

I think you made a very good point.

Dead River was down..then up...then headed down again...BPS was in Reedy Creek this week and should know. Otherwise, it's the ditch - plenty of water - then the north Cypress shoreline - great riding & sliding; or the south shoreline, good.

Lake Cypress is open for refreshments until 9:00 PM.

Also, hard to beat the Bus at night...plenty of room for friends..particularly convenient to those staying at Ms. Betty's and Grape Hammock or Overstreet's.

Decisions, Decisions..I'm in for either or both.