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Re-union Friday night recon ride


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I"ve run through the marsh when it was completely dry and don't really plan on doing it again any time soon. The boat and myself faired well but I just don't like running that hard without a good reason. Skinny water makes for a nice ride any day.


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Big Daddy,

Alright the marsh is out :cry: Unless......like you said North Cove to Catfish Pond :wink:

North to Cypress, South to ride lake edge is fine too.

Camp Mack for rendevous ok :roll: What time :roll:

Saw regular gasoline at Plant City racetrack for 2.10 today! Let's go burn some cheaper gas :cheers:

Still need more boats! Look like a wagon train rounding the lake :hello1:



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R. I. P.
Sounds like the BUS to me if my vote counts. I seem to be doing agood job tearin stuff up. I was running a little high grass this last weekend and broke the alternator in half, actually the screws which hold it together came out. I put a new one on tonight.

Havin fun is what it is all about, just tryin to tear a boat up is not fun to me. If there is a reason to I will try and drive mine anywhere but there ahs been a many a boat bite the dust in the marsh when it is dry and it is a long pull outta there.

The grass near the wate rat the buss will give a good challenge to quite a few and maybe even my new one will hang up on the way back to the lake, comin off the lake is easy because you are pushin water and ridin the wave, aww but goin back thats a different animal, maybe the dew will do it for most of us. And if anyone wants a short dry run to check out their boat they can always leave the bus by the back trail over to north cove it is usually moderately sticky and if that is not enough just turn left when you see the water and run up by the oaks till you get to the water again, an dafter that just bear left a little more and there should be lots of really nasty black mud just around the corner with someones name on it. The good part is we can all watch from the water without getting stuck trying to spectate don't ya know, AIRBOATING IS A SPECTATOR SPORT afterall. Should be a good time comin down for sure, yeeehaww ya'll.