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Red River Airboats

Josh Noble

Well-known member
Has anyone personally seen or run one of these airboats. How's the fit and finish, quality of the welds? How did the hull run in comparison to an American, Diamondback, Panther, or GTO etc...? The reason for all the questions are I've finally limited my next hull options down to two, one being Red River. I just don't have any personal experience with them and would like to get some opinions.

Josh I have run one :lol: and get you in contact with some guys that have run all of the above and can testify to our quality I will send you some pics
I have met Travis Reed (RedriverAirboats). Travis is big enough to hunt bear with a stick.

Also been to Travis Reed's new shop and have seen several new hulls he and his crew were assembling.

Travis has a vision. Much Travis has done to clean up. The air boat world seems small and I hear nothing but praise for the way Travis is doing business.

I sure like his boats. --- WOWWW!!!!