Repair of a RH rotation Water Walker Stump Puller 3 blade prop?


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Gents I will put up pictures when I get to my phone but.......
I screwed up.
I let my air cleaner go through the prop like a dumbass.
2 of my blades looks repairable , 1 is a problem with a "proud" leading edge and a small hole in the edge.
After contacting the manufacturer , they told me my blades that they had previously worked on for me......where 20 years old and my only option is to replace them.
I think I can run them like they are but I dont want to hurt anybody.
So I wanna try to fix , balance and coat them.
Any advice is appreciated.
Bobblade 2.JPGblade 3.JPGblade 5.JPGblade 6.JPGblade1.JPGblade4.JPG

The reason I was not paying attention to my boat or aircleaner

the reason the boat broke.JPG
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Well I guess I expected this reaction.

BLUF (bottom line up front)- y’all are right!
Bob is wrong.

I ordered my new WW Maximus 80” 3 blade today!

Maybe I could make a cool ceiling fan out of the old one for the bar?

I know y’all are right, he’ll all my friends said the same thing! Still don’t make easier to choke down a new prop!
Thanks for the hip check
Andrew surely put a good final finish on them. I have two old signature series blades, took about an 8 inch long piece of maybe 4 inch pvc, cut it in half longwise, painted black and using hose clamps put blades in and tightened. Then took a piece of threaded rod thru center with a piece of stainless tubing to cover threads on top and bolted all to my beam on my dock. Doesn't spin but looks cool. Not well explained but you get the idea. Could be made to spin but really not needed.
FYI- Andrews business is not called WW anymore, the new name is Carbon Concepts.