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Repair of a RH rotation Water Walker Stump Puller 3 blade prop?


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Gents I will put up pictures when I get to my phone but.......
I screwed up.
I let my air cleaner go through the prop like a dumbass.
2 of my blades looks repairable , 1 is a problem with a "proud" leading edge and a small hole in the edge.
After contacting the manufacturer , they told me my blades that they had previously worked on for me......where 20 years old and my only option is to replace them.
I think I can run them like they are but I dont want to hurt anybody.
So I wanna try to fix , balance and coat them.
Any advice is appreciated.
Bobblade 2.JPGblade 3.JPGblade 5.JPGblade 6.JPGblade1.JPGblade4.JPG

The reason I was not paying attention to my boat or aircleaner

the reason the boat broke.JPG
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Well I guess I expected this reaction.

BLUF (bottom line up front)- y’all are right!
Bob is wrong.

I ordered my new WW Maximus 80” 3 blade today!

Maybe I could make a cool ceiling fan out of the old one for the bar?

I know y’all are right, he’ll all my friends said the same thing! Still don’t make easier to choke down a new prop!
Thanks for the hip check