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Results of January 29, 2007 meeting

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Well what a turnout last night. I bet there were over 200-250 airboaters there. It was awesome. They have tabled the bill for 60 days so they can get together with airboaters and see what we can work with. There are some great people that will be on this committee.
The other thing, and I did not know that it was on this bill, was did you know that you could go to jail for not having mufflers on your boat. Yes for 60 days. Well Bonnie did a great job last night and that is now out of the ordinance. Thanks so much Bonnie and everyone who showed up.

Now I am asking and pleading with airboaters everywhere, especially in Florida, we need to donate and make sure we are able to retain Bonnie for this year. We have had some clubs and individuals donate but we need more. She has done great things and really helped out last night so we need to keep her. I am posting my paypal address and if you are able to send anything please do so. Like I said, we need her this year so she can fight for our rights.

Thanks so much.

Dakotaaco26@aol.com is the paypal address.
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