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Rice Burner Motor


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I was fliping through the channels the other day and stumbled across one of those build up car shows. These guys had three days to build up two stock Mitsubishi evolutions' and drag race them. Well the one team was able to get 550hp out of one of the cars on just boost alone no NOS. :shock: Man that motor is an inline 4cylinder 121 c.i. I looked at the numbers stock it produces 256hp at 6500rpm and 289 lb-ft at 3500rpm. If you could put a gear box on that little motor on a small hull it would get it. Should get good fuel numbers as well. Just a thought.
The only good motors to put in airboats and airplanes are push rod motors. The import over head cam motors will never make a great airboat motor they have no torque and are pooh at low RPM's at this point in time only pushrod motors make good broad power. They are trying with all the variable cam and lifter timing but nothing beats a good old fashion AMERICAN push rod motor. I have this argument once a month with mechanical engineers because they are all impressed with the European stuff but just look at a torque curve of any over head cam motor or take the turbo off and their junk.
Waterthunder, I agree with you.

We have tried it with the rice grinder engines, no low end.

Push Rods olny way to go

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I just kind of wonder what you are using for a gear ratio. If you think a 2.86 work for a BBC (IMO to high) then perhaps 4/1 ti 5/1 works for the rice burner. I had a 85 MR2 that I did the Interstate 5 at 140 MPH for hours and hours. Ran wild from 2500 to 7500 RPM and would still get 18 MPG at 6500 RPM. What a dog eh" :lol: