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Ride name

Ride name?

  • River of grass meets the class!

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  • Swamp Fever!

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Hey ya'll,

Time to vote for a ride name? No, not like we here in Florida did for the presidential elections :lol:



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Here's a few more:

"Romp in the Swamp"

"SA Raids the 'Glades"

"From the Class to the Grass" or "Class to Grass"

Still thinking of more.....



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I like that Raids the Glades one.

Why do the names always have to rhyme? Why do we need a name at all? "Feb Ride" is good.... but "SA RAIDS THE GLADES" is pretty good too!!!
'cause that's exactly what it's gonna be! LOL



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I dont care for either one in the poll but I then again I dont care what it's called, I'm just ready to ride.