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Ride on Saturday due to rain on Sunday

emmitt Kelly

Well-known member
Airboat cowboy mike and myself will be at Bear Creek Marina tomorrow at 8:00 am
at Jackson Lake.
Rain will be here on Sunday through Monday so Sat. is our day..if you can come on down
you have my number..give me a call.

your easiest access would be Berry's before you get to the hwy. 212 bridge..if you cross the bridge
you have gone too far...turn around and go to the dirt access.
give me a call and I will come and get you...emmitt

Cowboy Rock

Well-known member
Thanks Em,,, But I will be in a South Ga. Dove field Saturday for opening day, and monday afternoon, trying to knock them dodging little boogers down,,, We will hafta make it up next weekend,,, I will be at the stage all next week, so lets all go eat dinner one day,,, Dinner being 12 PM or so,,, We eat Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper where I come from,,, Talk to you later,,, Take some pics,,, Ya'll slide safe,,,


Cowboy Rock

Well-known member
Hey Ya'll,,, Anybody ride Saturday or Sunday??? Pictures of your rides??? Sure is lonesome on the bank,,, lol,,, But with enough liquid diet, it is bearable,,, :drunken: