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Rigging Question


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I am currently having my boat re-rigged, and was wondering how much of the prop should be below the transom. I know a couple inches is ok, and even encouraged, but how much before you start losing thrust? Thanks.
do a search John asked that question about a month or so ago I believe the consensus was about 3" but find tat thread they spoke about it pretty well . it may have been in the auto section
After doing test with string for air flow I feel that if the tip goes below the transom it is lost performance and only creates more unwanted sound... In that previous thread the only reason that the tip of the prop was originally put below the transom top was to keep the beer cans out of the prop with the back wash it created....( If my memory serves me correctly)
Chris with dakota airboats is rigging my new hull for me now and I had alot of the same questions. proirity 1 spoke with Steve at Sensenick and he said that you can put as much 6in below transom before you start to lose any performance. This is with a sensenick super wide. Mine set at 4in below the transom. When I picked my hull up at Hamant they told me anywhere between 3 to 6in down in the boat is good.It seems that everything with airboats is a trade off. Ron Miller brought up the fact that having the prop level with the transom would be more quiet. I am sure this is true, It makes sense anyway. That is how I was going to set my boat up. But after talking to alot of people with more experience than me, I was advised that center of gravity is very important and that you want your motor as low as you can get it without sacrificing performance. The boat will ride better, push better, and not lean as much in a strong wind.
We have one with 91/2 down in the boat with a 80 in ww falcon and currently have 82 max.If you can out perform this boat at any level you would be doing something.We had engine height in mind and when we set it in the boat the prop was way in there.It looked crazy but ended up working good. the center o gravity and 8ftw bottom is sweet! So if 91/2 works good then i think you'll be fine at 4 to 6. will be fine.