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Rivermaster Hull

I'm sure this topic has been covered multiple times I'm looking at buying a 13 ft river master hull with a 305 dd do yall think this is enough motor for the boat? and what should I be looking for and what is everyone's thoughts on the hull? Also how well built are these hulls and how they handle on the water etc etc thanks guys
Dump the 305 for scrap or give it to anyone willing to help remove it....................
It compares to a 150 on that hull as a dd and worst as a geared or belt drive power plant.

Pick your worst dog then multiply by 2 and divide by 3.14 for that answer.

But also not that your sure it's been covered and looking for a quick fix?
I will try to give a fair answer here.... first a Rivermaster is a good running hull. Only inspection will tell if this particular hull is in good shape. A healthy 305 will run OK in deeper water, the issue is dry running. Airboating is a disease.... that makes one want more and more power.... you may be happy to be running in the swamp but you will feel limited.

The question you face is buy now.... and then put more money into making it the boat you want.... a long and a xpensive processor or wait and buy more boat?

A friend had a 350 DD on a Rivermaster... it was fun.... but we got stuck a lot ... it was good on gas ... ran deep water OK but forget about running dry.

If you can live with that then it might be the boat for you ...

Good Luck

As far as the hull goes not all "RiverMasters" are the same. There are different generations of them and over the years the materials have changed as technology and synthetic materials have evolved. Currently you will not find a better constructed fiberglass hull and Mr Bray stands behind his work. Generally speaking if the stringers are good and the hull is not damaged you have a solid boat. As has been stated on here for years the best way to determine what you have it to run it for a good hour or two and see how it rides and runs. Usually that will give you a clear picture of the boat and engines condition. If the seller refuses to take you out for a testing session after you have shown you have funds I would pass.