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Rivet Information


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So my question for the aluminum airboat hull builders using rivets. What type of rivets and rivet driver are you using? Have a company name for the products and information? I would appreciate the feedback.
Gary :old_glory:
If your looking for rivets for the hull itself i always used aircraft rivets from aircraft spruce n specialty, maybe overkill and i could get them cheaper elsewhere but thats who i used, countersunk for the hull 100* head , and deck where universal head or brazzier head , the drivers were a package deal i bought have 1 flush for countersink and a variety for universal ,button,brazzier heads ,
Hanson rivet co, is another company that produces good rivets i use all the time as well i use them on poly and other tasks
Ok, Aircraft Spruce is my online supplier of rivets and hardware, they are very good with customer service.
AN426 is flat head rivets, AN470 is brazier head, so say you need to join 3/16 stringer to .100" sheet you would want AN426AD6-8 the AD determines the temper of the rivet if only A they are soft. The 6 determines diameter of the shank so a 6 is 3/16" and the 8 determines overall length 1/2" or 8/16ths.

AN470AD5-6 would be a 5/32 brazier head 3/8" or 6/16ths long for holding .063" deck material to 1/8th angle.
Your rivet set will be 470-5 if you go up in diameter the 470-× you order will coincide with rivet size.

100° Countersink and stop will be needed for flat rivets.
You will want #10 & #21 drill bits vs 3/16" and 5/32" for ease of rivet setting.
Happy Bucking!
John , your a bucking machine!! :salute: i can't remember part numbers that well , but im sure you've got many many thousands more rivets under your belt than I for sure
A 4X is what you want, Sioux guns hit hard but have hair triggers, look for ATS aircraft tool supply, get a basic 4X gun.
Shop for clecoes there or like I do on Ebay.
I agree the 4x gun is the way to go, you can order extra springs and heads form "the yard store"
I order my rivets by the pound form ECAS (east coast Aviation Supplies Inc)
This gun any good? Considering it.