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Rochester Carb Question

I have a Rochester 2 barrel carb (17057110) on my engine. I just rebuilt the carb and when I adjust the two needle valves in the front of the carb there is no change in the engines idle. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong in setting it up... would anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks for any assistance!
I thought of that but the vac gauge held steady at 20-21 psi and then I sprayed starting fluid around the connections and heard no variation in idle.

There's a plate that sits between the carb and manifold, I've tried to find info on this plate and carb but can't. I don't think it's a leak but definitely think that the gaskets from the rebuild kit may be incorrect and are preventing internal vac from working properly. If a vac channel is being blocked (because of the gaskets) than it would act like a leak.
boy its been a long time since I have even thought about one of hose let alone worked on one. I would volenteer my labor to help you out if you can get it to me here in southern fla. If you want to send me the carb I would take a look at it.