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Roll Call!


Who from UT uses this site? First to post a topic! Travis... I run a 583 rotax on a 5'X12' hull. It sold so I hope to build a new one after the sale... Not in a hurry to sell it, but its not out of my driveway yet. I live in the north and am close to the Willard Spur and Pintail Flat... Roll call!


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my dad and i got a boat this last spring. He had one back in the '80's sold it after the lake flooded. Been out a few times this year just trying to get some things fixed on it. Live down south salt lake county.


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R. I. P.
Congrat's on the "Utah Forum"!!! I can hardly wait to read & see some posts & pic's about y'all's water. :headbang:


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Nice! I'm from the Ogden area. I dont have an airboat yet, but I sure want one! just a mud motor for now.. :)