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Ron's EcoCruse 127


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been ridin and slidin and hill climbin and runnin dry roads , having no Mersey on this lil boat , this lil eco has turned a couple of heads seem to be there are more people liking what this boat will do. it might lack in horsepower but it sure has a lot of push, loaded down with 3 people an 1 dog and camping gear for a weekend an it will still get up on plane. some time that damn boat just don't care, so here my new line
I got about 200+ hours on this boat with no problems turn the key an mash the gas , ohh an it ain't a gas hog how sweet is that, all day 8 to 10 gals


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I'm close to finished Chuck, just doing some minor details. I'll let you know. Any word on that oil pressure gauge?


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I was pleased with my lil powerhouse. Im rebuilding! Ill be driving down with the engine stand as soon as Chuck tells me he is ready.


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Well well well
This little boat is still GOING
All is great with this boat got all the bugs worked out and dam what a fun ride it is
Nothing better than to see that turbo glow red hot at night it looks so cool
Same hull same poly same everything haven't changed anything
Can u say that about ur boat
So I'm done with the up date
All b safe
Ridin and sliding sideways


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Good to hear it's doing Well. So very sad for those of us that knew Chuck well that he didn't get to see all of the fruition of his hard work developing the technology to run these motors. Many on this site, years ago, were quite cruel and derogatory to him of his ideas, his experience and knowledge. His association with Dick and Bobby Hoffman was invaluable.RIP Chuck Rackley


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Chuck always would make time for someone’s with questions or new power concepts. Went past his old shop recently and thought about his passing. So many of the real pioneers in development of our sport have passed.

Glad to hear your rig is going strong

Slidin Gator

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So many of the real pioneers in development of our sport have passed.

Surfing, kayaking, canoeing, running etc., those are sports. Airboating is not a sport, I took it up to give up sports. Pretty sure I mentioned this before :violent1:


yes just remember bowling is considered a sport. and its a lot more physical work getting a boat off the bottom of a canal.