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rough spot on new prop


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I just got my new sensinich kevlar tipped wood prop today and went to put it on and noticed a rough spot in the wood on one leading edge by the metal covers. If you look at in the light it looks like its got laquer on it but it feels like unsanded wood when running my hand over it. Its only about 2 inches long. Is that something I should be concerned with? I 'd call sensinich but they aren't open till Monday. Don't want to torque my prop down if I just have to take it off to send it back.
With the engine stopped it would be the leading edge facing up and I was thinking it might be a moisture intrusion problem waiting to happen.
posting a picture may help. it could be just some dust got in the coating or could be something else. personally if I had any questions on it I would just wait until Monday and call down to talk with them at least that way it is documented.