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rudder art ideas?

Ford Power

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guy & gals,

need ya'lls help in deciding what to do to my rudders. to many ideas running around. have looked at pics on here and elsewhere, and only made it worse. little bout me, i own a logging operation(harvest timber), a big Ford man (thatll get some goin), love the outdoors. into hunting and fishing, and have always been wide open when it comes to playing, whether its bogging my trucks or 4 wheelers in the mud. dang after writing this now theres more ideas.
a buddy of mine suggested i do something like boat getting logs outta swamp, and call it water logged. thats enough bout me. help is grealy appreciated. scott
Well, I could be a smart a$$ and say put a BOWTIE on the rudders, but that would not work. Everybody knows you only find bowties in front of fords!! :wink: . All kidding aside,it does not matter what you run as long as it runs :) .
bondsman":23l2dud5 said:

I'll 2nd that one :D

Rudder art idea:
how about airbrushed picture of a old time log shut coming down the hill with logs dropping in the river and a full log jam floating there with a (Chevy :lol: ) airboat riding on top the logs
There was an old movie Staring Henry Fonda, Paul Newman and others about loggers. The theme was sung by Country Charlie Pride.


With a logging scene on the rudders, Maybe even Henry Fonda's frozen hand.........
for those that saw the movie :)

Scotty :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
To make the graphics easier maybe something like

a big Axe or a chain saw on the rudders.
:lol: A pic of your truck being offloaded from the tow truck at a garage an empty wallet in the foreground and title the rudders "Broke Again" :lol: I am a ford man too but they sure aren't cheap when they go down :p and chevy guys will get a kick out of the dual meaning .. hehe

a pic of your boat stuck up on a stump and call it "stump grinder"
How about a comical rendition of yourself riding an airboat that is made of a bunch of logs tied together, kinda like an old tom sawyer river raft, blasting through the marsh.
Scott,I don't have any ideas but I do agree you will need some deep pockets to get that ford to stay together.And thats coming from a ford man.When you going to have this boat ready?I want to be there to see it run.
hey beck whats up. hope to have wknd after next. prob gonna go to watermellon pd. to tryit out. got the motor cage,stand hull here just gotta get it all together. heard ya'll bogged flat branch without me. try to have my bike out the shop next time ya'll ride. deep pockets, i've decided it dont have to be ford a damn airboat period will make ya dig all ya jars up outta the back yard.
"I get Wood"
with the airboat, mud toys, and the sawmill in the background

F=fifth or F'd

how bout, LOGGER HEAD?lol. i can make a decal for those rudders when you decide instead of airbrushing. fraction of cost and removable when ya wanna change it , good luck, b