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rumors of a 6cyl all Al motor



I had heard a few rumors of a 6cyl al motor that was working well, any one seen it?
This motor wouldn't happen to be on a green fiberglass boat would it. I have built five or so nasty 4.3 V/6 that have been givin the 540's hell.
I thought they were inline al 6, what weight and hp can you get with the v6
I have built a several 4.3 vortec V/6’s that are in the 350hp to 400hp range. They run pretty dam strong they come with a great cylinder head from the factory. However I still prefer a good ole SBC 383 V/8 their hard to beat. The V/6’s take some extensive modifications to keep them reliable at 350+ horsepower. As for the LS-1 and LS-6 I am building several off them now I have two HP options a 450HP version and a 575HP version. I have been using the Edelbrock intake and ignition pack you pasted. You will see me on Lake KISS running a LS-6 in a deckover Diamond Back boat very shortly.
AFTER YOU BOLT ON A ROTATOR GEAR BOX THEY ARE STILL LIGHTER THAN AN O540!!!!!!! I have been playing with them for over a year now we have been getting HP numbers in the 500HP range with our mod's. And almost 600HP with a set of our fully ported heads and custom cam. They also have a very strong bottom end. I have yet too see one get hurt. I don't want to get into specifics until I have at least ten more completed and on the shelf the first 16 flew out the door. Two of them went on air boats. The weakest one yet dyno’ed at 472HP at the Rear wheel, that’s after losing 16% in the drive train. I’m assembling one now that I know will produce over 600HP. It will be thundering around the marsh here shortly. I have been selling a complete version intake to pan with waterpump, flywheel, oil pan, plug wires and complete ignition that makes 450HP for $5,900.
I just read an article about an LS1 installation in a 911 Porsche. The car had more power and the total weight of the car was less with the chevy. Waterthunder, I take it you are an engine builder located in central FL?

That is not bad at all. Especially with the low weight. That has always been the reason we stuck with 540s just to keep the weight down. I will keep that in mind. I know somebody just installed their second ZZ4 in their boat this year.

Let us know how the boat runs.
Hey cracker do you own a blue and white boat with a continental on it? If so I think we know each other.