Running the Little Delta River

Hello, Im new to the Forum and looking for some advice. We are heading to the Little Delta next month (late August) for some moose hunting. I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to put into the Tanana River to hit the mouth of the Little D. We took a trip last winter up the river with some sleds and a Hagglund so I know the route, I just am not aware of the closest chunk of bare dirt is to drop the boat in. We have an 18' 2000 Canadian Air Ranger w/ a 502 and a five person enclosed cab up high. It has done very well for us so far. We are heading up there this weekend to scout the Tanana for launches. Any advice would be helpfull. Thanks
Are you a member of Alaska Outdoor Fourm also? If so I would post it there on the Airboat Tread. Lot more Alaskan's there than here. And I know a few of them run up north.