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S&W Shield EZ .380 caliber


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On the range we had a few students bring the S&W 380 EZ pistol for class. This is the Shield EZ model which is designed to require less strength to cycle the slide and load the pistol. It is a great option for older shooters or the ladies who just can't muster the hand strength to work the action. During the training session I observed multiple pistols exhibit the same malfunction. It appears that the magazine spring may be just a bit to weak to keep adequate upward pressure on the last round. This results in the final live round popping up and getting caught in between the barrel and slide much like a stove pipe.

Contacted S&W and they advised no upgrade or recall to remedy.

The 9mm versions all functioned without fail and in my observation the issue was limited to the 380 caliber version.

Internet searches found numerous similar findings on the issue but no upgraded component is commercially available such as an enhanced mag spring or follower.

We read of an individual with a 3D printer working to design a small component to fit between the spring and follower to remedy. Heard a few other home remedy's as well. Some pistols got better with time but there is a nagging concern for reliability. just wanted you to be aware should you have a Shield EZ in 380. This was not an ammo or shooter induced error.

The early Shield EZ had a Tech Advisory on the safety spring being to light in pressure. If you own an early version check your serial number on the Smith web site or call the Customer Service line. They were very willing to assist and inspect your firearm if you are having an issue.

My advice is if planning to purchase a pistol in the S&W EZ line up get the 9mm.....stay safe in these troubled times