SA Cookout @ Milk Bus Sat night @ 5:00pm or about


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Country and I talked this afternoon and we are going to have a cookout out at the bus on Saturday night. This thread will be the sign up. Stan and Country are bringing about 12 pnds of frog legs. I am bringing the plates, forks, napkins, and all the paper goods.

We need people to sign up to bring other things like maybe hamburgers or hot dogs. Something of that nature. There is no cost for this cookout just come and hang out with good ole folks (that one is for you country) and have fun.

Matt there is no karoke machine this time. I promise. LOL
I don't know why we could not throw a few packs of dogs and buns into the boat Friday nite... for Saturday night. I HOPE there is someplace we can keep the stuff while we are out riding Saturday morning.

But Laura and I will not pass up a chance to "return to the scene of the crime" LOL I'd love to see the bus again.... AND since the clean up will be over.... we need to be sure we don't plant any trash there to be found on the next cleanup!!!!!

I'm not sure we'll be able to ride with the gang on Sunday - Thanks to the staff of Winter Haven Hospital who make the schedule. I need to get with Laura to be sure about that one.

But count us in for another milkbus sunset cookout!


Well I went out and got the plastic cutlery just for you Matt. :lol:
I also forgot to mention, it is our anniversary on Sunday. 12 years. So instead of gifts please give money. :D The boat would be nice though.
Well, I did a pre-flight check on our boat today, and found some cracks in a weld on a motor mount. No time to fix it before heading down there. :( More than cracks really, the left side of the engine stand came unattached from the legs. I'm going to take this opportunity to redo the whole top of the motor stand - I never liked the way the previous owner of our boat had it "rigged".

Laura and I have discussed it and we plan on being there for the noon time celebration, but reluctantly have to back out of the ride.

Looking forward to the next one!

Matt is it in the stars for us to ride the same lake at the same time. Man that realy stinks. I don't got to get the rug rats till Sunday.

Dakota I'll bring :?: :? :?: :? :?: something
MOODFOOD you know better than that, get your A@# on down there and you guys will ride with someone. Saturday morning I am ridin solo marcy has to work early and will be noon before she gets there. If I have passengers then maybe and only maybe I may behave myself LOL maybe
Dustin and I will be glad to bring hot dogs and buns or hamburgers and buns. How many folks should we buy for? Which shall we buy or shall we buy some of both?
shall we get the mustard/ketchup/relish/ etc?

You read my mind Country. I was thinking the same thing. There will be plenty of people out here that would be happy to put you on their boat. COme on down and enjoy. Stay over and have fun and ride out to the bus with us. Not a problem. What fun would we have without you?
Thanks for the offers you guys. We'd do the same if the roles were reversed (in a future world when we have more than a two seater).

We're gonna play it by ear. I'm heading down to the Winter Haven house Friday afternoon, at which point I'm gonna enjoy many hours hanging out with the love of my life who I've not seen in over a week. After that... well, we're planning on heading over to Camp Mack, not sure what time we'll get there, but it'll probably not be sunrise and definitely be before noon.

After that, we'll have only a few hours before the work week is gonna show it's ugly head again, and we may split out of there to get a head start on it. It's been a long week for both of us - and we need to gather our forces.

Like I said - we're playin' it by ear, and we love riding with you guys! But if we miss one ride, it's only one ride. We'll catch up on the next one.

Bubba - you are right. Dang it all! I was really looking forward to our first time of "being on the same lake at the same time". Well put. :) It'll happen FOR SURE.... someday!

We had in store some secret weapons... a nice set of scoop nets for gathering garbage, and metal detectors to get the digs on that "oddest" prize. Oh well!

See you all there at the noon party if not sooner.

well matt you can mount up with us on old southern style she ain,t much but she rides better with a load on any way who knowes we might just get pulled in by
Bondo I am not exactly sure how much to get just bring what you can. And yes, ketchup, mustard and that good stuff. I would not go into the relish and pickles and things unless you want. Thank you.
Thanks Faron - I do like riding on that nice boat of yours. And after guiding you on that tree infested trail last time out of Loughman, I PROMISE not to get it all scratched up again! I'm just glad you don't have all that pretty airbrushing all over the outside of the hull like some of those boats at the Broward show. REAL BOATS GO PLACES. :p

Just spoke with Danny Brantley on the nextel... and another idea came to mind... Since we're boatless, I've volunteered to help with some of the on-shore legwork to make the noon time party happen if they need us there. So our part of the actual cleanup may be hauling bags off the scales and to the dumptster. And you can bet I'll help look for COUNTERFIT trash!!! LOL

As for the "after-ride"... We're looking forward to being passengers SOMEWHERE! We'll bring our own ear muffs & sunsceen and look forward to sharing some smiles with our favorite 'gang'.

See you all there!


LOOSE AN HOUR!! Dangit! Now I'll never catch up.
The Banana Wind with Janis and I will be there!
Dakota, You and Chris share the same anniversary date as Janis and I (she wouldn't marry me the day before for some reason).

See Yall there.

Well we can celebrate together. I know what you mean about the day before although it would have been a good excuse for marrying Chris. It was a joke. LOL No it wasn't. All my family wanted me to get married that day too and I said no way. He could have used the excuse on me.
Hey ya'll,

Stan and Cntry out did themselves this time :cheers: The frawg legs looked more like chicken drumsticks size wise, (and man were they good :salute: ).

More sides than you know what to do with and brownies to boot! (At least I heard there was, never could catch up to them).

The Southern Airboat monthly ride meals continue to be the best food this side of the Mississippi :wav:

Don't miss the next one if you can help it!