SA Forum Notifications


For anybody that's interested, you can now go to your profile area under preferences and select "Enable push notifications" if you want to be notified immediately when whatever happens that you have selected in the checkboxes below that button. I just left all of them checked on my account.

That enable setting is specific to the device (pc, phone, tablet) that you you're using at the time and not your account. That just means that if you enable it while using your pc for example, you'll still need to do the same thing and enable it on other devices like your phone, etc., when you access SA on those devices.

Sorry to say the notifications work for forum related things only and not the classifieds. That'll take a different setup that I do plan on working on though.

If you're logged in, this link will take you to your preferences:

It's new to me, but let me know if you have any problems and we'll try to figure it out together.

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