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Salt Springs Ride


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For all who missed the ride .... well .. you missed a ride. I believe there were 11 or 12 boats there from the forum which is the best showing yet.

Croc1 did a fine job of leading us around the area. We ended up in the juniper spring run where we came upon a large gatering of people BBQ'ing in the run itself. We passed by two FWC officers on the way in and we all got friendly waves and no tickets. It was an idle zone but that was impossible due to the current but maybe they were considering our forward speed as an idle.

We enjoyed the sunshine and cool water but when the thunderheads were obviously building it was time to go. running back was trickier with the current and idle was not an option in the fast running water but no FWC on the way out just rain drops falling on our heads. We got seperated into 3 groups and group three was about to have a search mission launched for them when they showed up no worse for wear but I believe Laura commented they learned a few things today.

A FWC officer was sitting on the dock and again no problem he actually was quite pleasant and quite knowlwdgable of many areas I have run in and some of the problems encountered due to weather and terrain.

I think this was an excellent run with just enough spice thrown in to give some memebers a few memories for awhile. Thanks Croc1 a job well done.

For those who did not make the meal after the run we ate at SHELLCRACKERS and the food was excellent and the portions were generous. The wait staff was patient as I am sure we sat longer than we should have but they kept the glasses full.



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Now I know what all the fuss is about airboating! What a blast! I think we were initiated properly, and then some.
At Salt Springs, it was good to finally put a face to some of the names we've been talking to. It was an honor and a privelege to be a part of such a great bunch of people. You all made us feel right at home, even though we were about as green as it gets.
All the tips and pointers helped us to get through the tough spots of this run, and some of you literally saved our a**es. (You know who you are, Stanley and Shirley).
Couldn't have chosen a better outing for our virgin run. We learned soooo much, and are ready to do it again!
I've posted pictures in my member gallery, if anybody wants to take a look.
A big huge hug to you all! And a genuine THANK YOU.


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It was rough on the way back? You mean thats not normal? The entire Salt Springs run was a BLAST!!! And you are saying it gets better? Cool!

I never drove an airboat before we dropped our boat in at the ramp. But we watched and learned by your examples. Thank you to all who were there!!! I like to learn something new every day, and Saturday both Laura and I learned many new things.

But the best part for me was getting to put faces with the names of the people I've been getting to know here. Y'all are GREAT people!!! I have to admit that I was a little overwhelmed in the social skills department. I'm bad with names too, but I got a few learned. And I know that as we go out again, we'll get to know everyone better.

Basketcase, you are one piece of work! I hope to hang out with you more. We really missed attending the post-run eating-fest, but we HAD to head back to get rest... and check the welds on our boat. Next time, we'll make sure to party like rock stars with ya.

Harvey, Rick, Wade, Crock1, Cntry141iq, cchardt - It was a pleasure to meet you all. You guys are really a class act. I look forward to hanging out with you again - there are some reall good story tellers in this group!

And Stan - You ROCK!!! Thank you for taking us under your wing on the ride back. In the juniper run, the rain made the carb somewhat unresponsive, and I ate a tree - pretty badly. Thankyou for not laughing very loud at us! And your advice and watchful eye saved a disaster from happening in the rough(ish) waters of the big lake. I owe ya in a big way, sir.

And to the others that were there on the run, I had the honor of briefly meeting most of you, and I was impressed with the politeness & kindness of everyone. I'm looking forward riding with you again.

It was an impressive sight to see 12 airboaters idling away from the salt springs marina. I noticed quite a bunch of spectators with smiles on their faces.

What a fun day!!! Thank You Southern Airboat gang!!!!



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Just got home after the 5 hour drive.

Agreed cchardt! Rough ride on the way back to the dock! Think I saw six feet of air between the front of my grass rake a couple of times before heading toward the "stump infested" shoreline!

Cntry141iq, Also agreed Croc1 did an excellent job for setting up and coordinating the run. Beautiful long ride within the awesome Florida Lake George and surrounding springs (and we didn't even get to see the whole lake)! Gonna have to plan another run there to see the rest of the area. I think that many boats in the "run" made it even better as we kinda had a "floating dock with all the boats tied together at one point!

Got to ride big and little Lake Kerr today and almost landed a couple of big fish this morning! Man, was that food good or what! The Lake Kerr Lodge where we stayed is a small, laid back lodge where you could hear a gnat fart if you wanted to! (Do put your boat into the lake as we did, excellent)! The managers Lenny and Pat go way out of their way to please and make you feel like family.

Moodfood and AirboatRN, Ya'll are really nice people and gotta tell ya' that more than just me were really worried about ya at that one point! This is what makes the Southern Airboat family cool is that Stan was there for ya when needed. 141 has taught me the only way, nobody leaves until everybody's back at the dock. Cowboy had a really smart deal at the Okechobee run where we all signed in prior to launch, and upon returning to the dock. (Might be a good idea for all the runs as there was speculation on whether ya'll were back at the launch or not).

Harvey, I'm upset with you as I thought I'd have the trophy in the bag for the farthest distance traveled to the monthly run! (560 round trip on my end). Good to meet ya'll and hope to see ya soon!

Wade, You and I both gotta get our kids out more often as the two boys on my boat had a blast during and after the ride as well. Hope to see you and the family on a future ride soon.

Rick, Layla and family: As always!! Thank you for your enduring effort and the founding of Southern Airboat as it means so much to myself and my family. Always good to ride with and enjoy your company.

For all that missed the monthly ride..they do keep getting better and better and hope you can make it soon!



Thanks croc1. That's one of prettiest areas of Florida I've seen. Also had some of the best seafood I've had in a while at Shellcrackers. I'm gonna list the Salt Springs Marina in the Airboat Directory as an airboat friendly launching site. All they expect is a little common sense & courtesy, and that's not a problem with our group.

The rough ride back around Lake George & the showers will just make the trip more memorable.

basketcase0302, I agree with cowboy's sign in & out sheet also. It showed on this trip that we ain't leaving till all boats are back and that sheet would make it easier to determine that.

Maybe we could get moodfood to blow his horn to officially start the ride & once more when the last airboater has signed back in.

This is an outstanding group of people we have here. I was really impressed with everyone I met this weekend and look forward to Melbourne in August. It is Melbourne, right?

c chardt

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yes melbourne on the 27 th of aug is great alot of rideing here and alot of shallow water not much deep area here.


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You know, if there were any ANTI-airboaters (due to the negative press, etc) there around the Salt Springs Marina they had to be rollong their eyes once we were all lined up on the bank. But when we took off and sauntered down the run in a nice and orderly fashion it HAD to make them think "Airboats aren't that bad".

As the last one to return (this time) I like the idea of a sign-in system. But it does not have to be all red-tape style with paper and all. When we were having troubles in the "surf", I stayed calm at the controls, and one thought that went thru my head was "They know we're still out here". If anything were to happen, I KNEW help would be on the way. Just knowing that helped me keep a level head and in control. So for me, a paper with my singature on it is not necessary, but if the groups continue to get bigger and bigger, that could be necessary I suppose. I would not mind a 3 or 4 boat buddy system to watch each other's backs. That way it'd be harder to notice one boat not returning. You'd notice 3 boats not coming back, and you know something is wrong.

I hate to make everyone stay if one boat is late. Or what if a boat or two decide on the fly to make a side trip on the way back? But I will definitely stay in the water until I know help is not needed. A rescue/salvage team should stay until all are accounted for. But the WHOLE group need not stay - in my opinion.

And if my train horn can be of assistance in any way, I'd be happy to oblige. I love blasting that darn thing! Today at a jobsite I found in the dumpster a perfectly good Co2 bottle. It is aluminum and the same size as an 80 cu ft scuba tank. The hydro does not expire for another 2 years. It would make a perfect air tank for the horn. and...

I've been tossing the idea around in my head of putting an air compressor on the fanbelt of my motor, and making some sort of air controlled trim tab or something. Just for an excuse to have compressed air out on the boat. I have a big box of air rams that I'm dying to invent something with! Oh, and the train horn gets permanantly installed! :twisted:

We will DEFINITELY be there for a melbourne run. I've been wanting to explore south of the BeeLine (oops, BeachLine) for at least 2 years now. In fact, now that we are airboating, Laura and I may make one of our pre-dawn sunrise photo expeditions down there before the 27th!!!!

Fot the run starting point, you'd need a place with a LOT of parking. I noticed at Salt Springs that we really flooded out the parking lot with all our trucks. The overflow parking was all the way out to hwy 19!

Two days after the outing with you great folks, TWO DAYS... My knuckles are still white... and I still have the biggest GRIN on my face!!! That was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! :D

I learned to respect the water and weather, and to trust my boat and boating partners!



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Moodfood It really isn't an official signature but more like a list of phone numbers and such so if someone changes their minds about coming back they can call someone and let everyone know and then they are on their own. We were backing back into the ramp when we heard you coming I was gonna put some gas in the tank just in case it was a long search ride. We had know real count of how many were still out. If you ever get lost just patiently wait till dark and then shine your spotlight up into the sky and circle it around. That is a universal sign you need help. It is easier to find you in the dark than the daytime if you will be patient. Darkness is your best friend when lost. but remain calm help will come


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Thanks Croc---good job. I love those springs. We stayed Sun. & drove home today. Great to meet everyone. We really enjoyed meeting and riding with all of you.



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Good to know that cntry about the spotlight. One of my contengency plans was to just beach it and snooze for awhile until the calm waters of evening came. I had signal on my cell phone, but I did not know anyone's number to call.

I hate to rely on cell phones though. The best areas to boat are usually low coverage areas for moble phones.

I did not know you were putting back into the water on our account! First of all... Way to go!!! :) and mostly... a true heartfelt THANKS! You guys ROCK!!!!


I have only "One Ass To Risk".
Had a great time with Y'all.
Good group to hang with.
Looking forward to joining you on another run.
Sure learned alot about airboats talking with you guys.
Glad everybody made it home safe.

The best to all of you


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Recipe for Adventure
3.2 on the hour meter
21.37 gallons of gas
3 beers
2 bags of ice
13 boats
13 shrimp
16 ozs of prime rib

I had a good time ! Thanks


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WHAT A BEAUTTTTTY!!! I had a great time!! Didn't get back till late Monday night. Had to stay and extra 2 days! I'd also like to thank you all for a great time!! The lake was perfect Sunday and Monday. Made the run again on Monday. There was alot less people at Silver glen and Juniper but it was still nice there. Ate at a realy cool place sunday night called Frontiers. They even had some Blue Grass pickin going on that night. HARVEY, hope your food was as good as mine, I thought it was great! BASKETCASE, Thank you very much for the hospitality, you and SQUIRE made sure we wouldn't forget you guy's :shock: Maybe next time we'll jump from the top deck of the dock :shock: Thanks alot for the sticker you left in the door, got her on the boat already :D Hope to see all again very soon :D Later, WADE


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thanks for all of the nice comments I had a great time as well !! thanks for all of the support stan !! I got back late sunday and had to go out of town on business and my internets bin down for a few days so Im kinda late commenting! thats a great idea on the sign in sheet especially with the conditions like we had on the way back. wade the frontier is one of my waterin holes I take the 4 wheeler there from my camp so I see deer instead of the man on the way home. that blue grass band is great some of them are friends of mine and its a mix of regulars and whoever wants to play ! stan you forgot to list how many friends you ran into and how many FWC know you by name :lol: It was great to finally meet you rick and all the other great members!! Im looking forward to seeing everyone the melb run


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Croc, My father has been playing Blue grass forever! His name is Jerry Childress. He now plays with the Jerry Sanders band and is always booked every weekend. Thats why I can't get him on the boat! I'll be back there for sure :D