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Saving The Turtles


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I'm still into "Saving The Turtles". The season is in full swing but once again the rain is devastating. Last year, I had to dig ALL the lairs and place the eggs in incubators. Many turtles did not lay here. Of the ones that did, their eggs were doomed to drown. In 2016, I had well over a hundred lairs. In 2017, I only had 54. None of the eggs would have survived if I had not dug the eggs and placed them in incubators. I released 543 live turtles by lending a helping hand. I do this on my own as it is one of my projects to keep me young. Others, that would like to help cannot because they need to be here to do so. This season is going to be devastating as well. I have already dug more than 20 lairs that I found to be under water. I've had a busy weekend and the turtles have had to wait. Every one is gone now and I have seen at least 3 turtles come in to lay already and more coming in. I just went out to look around and don't see where any have laid yet. They at confused and are making a mess but have not laid yet. They are running out of time.
You Sir, are to be commended for your efforts. In this regard, it's a shame that you are so far off the beaten path.
There are many persons (Boy Scouts, first come to mind) that could and would benefit from your knowledge, were they able to participate and help you with your cause.

I have followed your endeavors pertaining to this for a long time, and wish you the nest of luck with your current efforts. Thanks for reporting in. There are many others of us interested in, and who follow your cause that are simply unable to be there to help. God Speed & Good Luck.
send that to every FWC commissioner,NPS big wig, and ACOE Colonels...have them come help out and see what they are doing to the glades.
BTW nice work on your part.