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SCAC Gar Gig


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Meet at Jolly Gator at 7:00pm
$10.00 per person entry fee
$150.00 most fish
$100.00 2nd most fish
$50.00 big fish
It's on hwy 46 and the st johns river. It is east southeast of Sanford , North east of Orlando , and West of Titusville. The easy way to get there is come up I95 and get off on Hwy 46 and head WEST. It about 12 mile off 95. When you cross the high bridge on 46 you can see the fish camp on the nortwest side if the river. Very nice country!!!
Anybody know if Jim Brown is gonna go? I have 2 fish gigs ready for him, 6 tines. What about gatorstick going? Maybe I can get them to him thru gatorstick. Later, cajun
We had a total of 8 boats and 25 partipants in our 1st SCAC Gar Gig.We gave a 2 1/2 hour time limit and ended up with a total of 420 Gar.Thanks to everyone that came out and help to get this gig off the ground.And special thanks to Steve and Lee for the help at the ramp when we got back.

1st Place most fish - Team 1(Eddie,Joey,Justin)-80 gar - $150.00
2nd Place - Team 5 - (Tim,Mike,Robert) - 69 gar - $100.00
BIG FISH - Team 5 - Team 5 - (Tim,Mike,Robert) - 57" gar - $50.00
3rd most fish - Team 1 - (Mark,Derek,Shelley) - 68 gar
4th- Team - 3 - (Geneva0550 ,Skeeter,Wally) - 55 gar
5th - Team 4 - (Razincane,Al,Cristina)- -53 gar
6th-Team 2 - (Tim,Jacob,Garrett) - 46 gar
7th - Team 6 - (JC,Ben,TJ) - 38 gar
8th - Team 8 - (Gatorchaser & son,Billy,Chad,Ryan) - 11 gar
Wait a second, we thought it was the biggest team with the least fish won. Also we had 11Gar. I found one under the gas tank this morning.

Great time SCAC.
Great to have you and your guys out Jerry.I think we all had a fish or two spend the night in the bottom of the boat.I'll add your extra gar.LOL