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SCAC Monthly Ride/Poker Run


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Aug 20th(Poker Run) Seminole County Airboat Club will be meeting at Jolly gator and leaving at 10:00am.First card Econ Pavilion, Bull$hit Hill then lunch at Loughman Lodge then to Reclaimed Water, then Stone Bridge and last card at Jolly gator.All invited.$20.00 a hand. We are always looking for new members.
Looks like we are not able to make this ride. The boat is still down but ya'll have fun Sunday and drink a cold one for me. :eek:ccasion5:
I think I will be able to have my boat done by Sunday!! :cheers: So I think I will be able to make the ride. How do I get to Jolly Gator from Polk County? Thanks.
Get to 417 and go north(heading towards Sanford) to Red Bug Rd exit ,go east to Lockwood(you will dead end into Lockwood) turn left,go to 426(you will dead end in 426) go right to hwy 46 go right to Jolly Gator just before bridge on left.I will PM you my cell # if you get lost.We will be pulling out at 10:00.
Just a reminder to all interested.We will be leaving Jolly Gator at 10:00am Sunday morning to start the Poker Run south to Loughman Lodge.Water is down so be prepared to run dry to get to Loughman.Snake Creek may have water,but not sure.
You All have fun tomorrow. We will miss not being there. We will catch you maybe in the September run if we have one.
Thanks Dakota we will catch up with you guys in Sept. But for sure at Kiss in Oct.We will be staying at Camp Mack.
Thought I wass going to get to make it, but I thought wrong. :( :( My last parts to finish the boat don't come in until tomorow, so tomorow it will be done for sure!!!!! I will catch up at the next ride and get to know my new boat real good in the mean time!!!