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SCAC Monthly Ride


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Seminole Co Airboat Club will be leaving Loughman Lodge at 10:00am on Sunday 9/17/06 and heading south, by the most shallowest waters possible :twisted: ,ending up at Lone Cabbage for lunch. All invited.
Laura & I did that run yesterday and the water level was absolutely beautiful.

It was the BEST riding day we've ever had in that stretch of river, and the Boneless wings at the Cabbage were my kind of Spicy HOT!!!!!! :twisted:

The locomotive horn helped a LOT that day to clear the cattle out of the trails.

Y'all are gonna have fun on that ride for sure. Hal has the full set of maps. If anyone else wants it, You need to order the map from me by Monday (tomorrow) afternoon to get it in time for that ride. There is a great map of Hwy 50 all the way south to Lone Cabbage just finished and now available.

call or PM me if questions.

Laura & I did tthat run again today... Just got home from a sunrise outing that turned into an ALL-DAY of fun!!! Beautiful day even though it looked rainy - it was great on the river.

Y'all are gonna have a blast - Stick to the eastern banks just after you pass under Hwy 50. There is about two miles of skinny water down to almost Catfish Cabin. 100 to 200 yards wide for much of it, miles long..... 2 inch deep water in 4 inch tall slippery grass. AWESOME RIDING!!!!

River gauge was down 2 inches from Saturday, and the riding got better!!!

Christmas gauge read 6.75'

Levee trail (Expressway) 100% open & wet - Although somewhat overgrown.

Road crossings near Loughman's just little bumps. Pastures leading up to Loughman all nice & wet.

You guys are going to have a lot of fun with that ride!!!!!!!!!! It's PERFECT conditions.

moodfood, are you referring to catfish hotel south of fifty that they rebuilt a few years ago? if so i have a picture taken from the original building right before they burned it down.
I don't know where I get that word "cabin". Yeah, I mean Catfish hotel. Right by the power lines and across from & a little downstream of Long Bluff

You ought to scan them and post them in the photo gallery. I'd like to see that. I was in my kicker back in those days, I remember that place too. vaguely. I always thought some killer rednecks from the movie "Deliverance" lived there.... I went past there as fast as I could, and did not poke around too much. LOL Now I know better!!! :)