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scumbags at it again!!!!!!


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maybe someone else can post pics but on the front page of the airboattrader there are pictures of a stolen airboat stolan at airboat pro's.
From the airboat trader front page of the stolen boat.

From Airboat Pro's Monday 2-19-07 at 3:00am. Hartline hull (Black) grassrake, conduit rigging powdercoated black, 434 small block Maloof Racing Engine, Rotator 2.37 gearbox Three blade Maximus Water Walker Prop. Anyone with information
please call Chuck Rackley asap!! 352-330-1015



I used to investigate auto theft and all boats, trailers, tractors and other equipment were thrown in with the mix. Many boats and custom cars are stolen to order, often for just one part like it's wheels or engine. Many of the thieves found their targets from ads in boat trader, auto trader and similar publications. Many were stolen from dealers lots but were found because they put an ad in a regional publication, as they must do to sell a custom item. These cases are hard to investigate because the thief may come from hundreds of miles away to take the vehicle then strip it and have the rest crushed at their local "No questions asked" auto salvage yard.

Be very careful when your boat is left at a repair facility, this is like hunting in a game preserve to the thief. The same goes for when you put a for sale ad in anything. Many people drop their insurance when the no longer use an item and have it for sale figuring why pay whey they are not going to use it and crash it anyway. Then it gets stolen and they are screwed big time.

Mark your hull in several places with the H.I.N. as well as the motor and all parts of value. Lock the hitch as well as BOTH wheels with heavy hardened chain. A mobile home anchor drilled into the ground and a chain under the trailer is great protection and they won't notice it until they cut off the other locks and try and drive away with it. Suprise! This gives you time to shoot them in self defense as they try and figure how to get away with the loot tied to the earth.

Don't leave your $30,000 airboat out secured with a $10 lock and think it will be safe.

This has me all worked up. I think I will put out a truck tonight with a generator in the back and see how many crack heads I can catch stealing it in one night. My record is three in one night stealing out of the same truck.

A hunting I will go, A hunting I will go....
Thin water and Des, you guys would know the answer to this question .....

If you were to rig an electrical wire to something like an airboat, connected to a transformer of the type used for electric fences, how effective would that be ?
It could be easily done .... the tires on the trailer and a block under the hitch jack would isolate it.
Set it up so that if they cut the wire it would set off an alarm.
olf there's a box that i have seen before that has pin that you connect a wire or rope and when separated it makes a ear piercing noise. so when a scumbag trys to move your boat he gets a surprise a load noise followed by OO buck
If your sittin in your tree stand anyways I did a joke to my buddy once! :eek: I'm glad he lived. I wired his tool box up with the high tension and every morning he would have one arm on his box and the other on his bench holding onto his coffee reading his paper, so! Electronic flasher wired through a coil at 12 volts will throw about a 4 1/2" spark. we actually had to move his toolbox farther away from the bench because he hung his coat on that side of the box. Man the look on his face. :lol:
when posting a ad do not put your address in there or home phone these thieves are smart they will find your bot and steal it.
Ifin anyone can get either over or thru the fence and past her...

Then get the boat outta the yard - THEN HELL THEY EARNED IT IN MY BOOK!!

damn rick that brougt tears, had one that looked just like her been gone 10 yrs now still miss him took him every were i went for years :cry:
dogs are easy to get buy if you have the means it is the bark that awakes the owners that will throw a wrench in youre sneeking,but if you are not prepared for a dog :shock: ,i seen many a people fight a police dog and loose badley.but it was funny to watch.