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Seat setup


gonna be building a boat with 383 trying think of best seat setup for five seats going on a alumitech 14x8 thinking either 2 single rear with left side driver and triple front or triple rear single middle driver and single front or double triple setup pros and con of each :old_glory:
If your going to ride alone often then the front seat steer puts weight forward to make for a better balance point.

As you decide your choice if your going to ride kids and drunks then I STRONGLY suggest a triple seat or double with a low jump set forward with rear steer so you can watch your guests.
Here's my setup. Triple in the back, side by side driver, double jump in front. I never had to worry about small kids so the rear driver didn't matter to me but I understand the concerns of people that advocate that. The boat is a Diamondback, titled as being 15 feet but the only way you get 15 out of it is total overall length. Hull, from transom to nose cap, is a little over 14' 6". This has served me well as I can put 7 on the boat when I need to, runs fine when it's just the wife and me.


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I've got a 15 by 8 Hammett 383 221 belt drive I'm 250 lb so both top rear seats are fat man seats rear steer triple seat up front... it's a very comfortable set up the bottom of the seats in front of the triple are on the platform that my feet are on and the people that ride up front put their feet directly on the front deck.. just my two cents and if you have some smaller people you can actually get for in those seats kids mostly
Skunkape; I have the same boat you have but setup for 9 people. I was wondering what you have on your bottom for protection. Ive never tried to run my boat up onto dry ground for its got a continental 470 6cylinder angle valve with a two blade synsenich prop but don't remember the length but it is adjustable on pitch and has great power where its set but wasn't sure it would run dry.
Seating for 5 on a 14x7 Thurman. Single rear driver, double in the center, and an interchangeable front seat that switches between a single (pictured) and a double. Love it.


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