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Just wanted to let everyone know about the great customer service I received while at kissimmee this weekend.I have a GO480 with a 72 inch Q series while at the milk bus on Saturday Don from Seinsnich just happened to be looking at my prop and noticed it was cracked at the shank. So he had one of his guys I believe his name was Travis go over to tiger lake and get me 2 blades so I could keep riding.now that is customer service how many other prop manufacturers have ever done that.he said he would call me on Monday and let me know something about my prop.I'm just glad he found it because that could have been a real disaster.
I spent a lot of time talkin with them boys out there and they are great. They checked mine out and told me I needed a fourth blade, I asked em for a deal and they smiled LOL oh well never accuse me of being bashful about airboats. they are some great guys and very nice to be around.
I had several long talks with don and crew. They were very humbled and respectful and if you would take the time to listen ... very informative. One interesting fact about composite props .... do you know there are over 80 pieces involved in making one blade ... and its all done by hand !! and it is done by several people so the fact that it comes together is a miracle of manufacturing, as stan says it is an art for sure.
My name is terry. And Thats what airboater do for each other. Plus it doesn't hurt that I work for sensenich.
Thanks a lot Terry I owe you one.if I can ever be of any help let me know.Don said I could come pickup my new prop on Wednesday.I'm going to try a 74 inch Q series this time.