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Sensenich Props--Including New J Series


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If any of you guys ever want a Sensenich Prop, I will try to pass on some savings.

Send me a PM on what props you want a price on and I will get back to you


NGR Swept--Custom Anodized Hub and Red Tips for 21DiamondB.



"H" Blade Narrow Both short and long(LHR-RHR) for A/C and Auto


Picture of Q-R-S


"Q" Blade Medium swept--LHR only


"R" Blade Wide Swept-LHR-RHR


"S" Blade Superwide Swept-LHR-RHR



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I've got a 0-360 with a 68"x34" wood prop on an old 11'-6 glass hull. I would like to have a 3-blade carbon fiber prop, but cant justify spending almost as much for a new prop as I paid for the whole boat.. Would there be a noticeable difference in performance with a 3-blade carbon fiber prop VS my old wood prop??


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I can only speak from my testing, and not knowing how your boat runs now with the current prop it would only be a guess.

My first boat had a Franklin 6-cyl with a modified cam pushing about 220-240 hp we guess. I had a 72-34 wood prop if I remember right, and when it cracked on the hub I made the jump to a 72" 3-blade H. I noticed a considerable difference, as I was able to tune it (not an option on the fixed blade) to get the most out of the motor.

You probably would see some difference, but how noticeable it would be depends on how good your prop works with your engine now. :?:

I know that this does not definitively answer your question, but I am being honest with you from what I have experienced. Like some of the knowledgeable folks have said--every combo is different and people's preferences are different. :D


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Ok , i'll bite , I've got a 4 cyl. 150 hp. on a 10 ft. deckover ,72 in. warpdrive . I like the 3 blade "h" series, how much?


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JimmyC said:
Ok , i'll bite , I've got a 4 cyl. 150 hp. on a 10 ft. deckover ,72 in. warpdrive . I like the 3 blade "h" series, how much?

Sent you a PM.

I just now realized I concentrated more on what you said you liked, than what you said you had. I think a 3-blade might be too much for your 150hp. How many blades are you running on your warp?? I am guessing around 4 at 72". I ran a 3-blade 72" H on a 6 cyl aircraft motor for awhile. I was thinking mine was somewhere around 240-250 hp.


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hey shiggs, jimmyc warp drive is a 4 blade if i'm not mistaken i think he said he was turning 2750 or somewhere right around there.

80 panther

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For those of you out there that want a prop but not sure if you want to deal with steve higgs. He gave me a good deal on the new NGH 3 blade with no problems ! He even sent me a $20 check because the shipping was less than he thought.you don't find many honest people like him. he is a stand up guy!!!!


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I second that on Steve being a standup guy. He sold me my 3 bld 80" "R" series and hub. Was even brave enough to give the boat its maiden run after I built it :cheers: . Thanks Again Steve


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:usa: :usa: Can I get a price for a 72 inch 5 blade sabor and also a price on the blades only. Did sensenich fix the issue they where having with the blocks holding the blades or should i run a warp drive hub ? Thanks for the help Steve :salute:


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Sorry I haven't checked this thread in a long time

Best to get me by email or PM.

Sending you a PM with Price.