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Sensenich Props--Including New J Series


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New J Series props now available. Prices are better comparing to the same config of the older styles.


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JAMES said:
Price on Q rhr 3 bld 80"


I don't have Q in right hand rotation nor that diameter. The Q application was for aircraft engines and thus LHR and smaller diameters. I think when they designed the NGQ they offered it in both left and right. Let me know if that was just a typo and you meant something else.



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Just a bit of credibility for sensenich I had a water walker on my gpu it was a very nice prop but when I went to a ngq on it same size I was able to run MUCH more dry ground and quietly. And on my new to me boat I had a 3 blade r 80" cruised at 3500 min and with 3 people it was closer to 4000 rpm and went to a 3 blade ngr 80" and cruise with 3 people at 3300 and seems to have not lost any top end at 5400 rpm one person and it flies this is all deep water differences in shallow they both do great. I am very happy I went to ngr blades.


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Oops, I thought that this was a different thread.

Deleted what I had here because it wasn't appropriate.