Sig Sauer 322


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The popularity of 22LR training pistols is fast becoming the gun markets next big thing. Glock, Walther, Smith, Taurus and Sig have all entered into the market making a model that closely resembles a duty or carry pistol.

I have seen the new Sig 322 pistol develop a rather unusual problem when being fired. It’s barrel appear to be building up lead deposits rapidly. This in some cases is so excessive that within 100 shots users are experiencing “keyhole” projectile impacts. The land and grooves of the barrel are becoming clogged by lead from the projectile as it passes through. This prohibits the bullet from getting stabilized and raises pressures.

If you have a Sig 322 I suggest you closely monitor your pistols barrel for building lead deposits and decreasing accuracy.

As always treat every gun as if it’s loaded !