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Silverdollar Boat 18.5' x 8'-- 31" sides 5" Taper

flying fish

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KB is my grandson. He says "grandpa, I got me this new nicad. I got something for that stroker you been ravin about". He says " grandpa, dont come messin with old yella you gonna get embarrased".
sure thought I had the adding pictures figured out. guess not. Taking a real butt whippin here. Copied and pasted img and code from photobucket. no pictures. what am I doing wrong??


Flying fish once you've open the picture right click and select copy image location. Once you've done that it is save in till you paste it into your thread. Hit the Img tab and then right click again and paste your copy and finally close the tag with the IMG button again.
Once you've done it, you'll see how easy it works. Stay away from photobucket. It has Issues. :D
Go to your pictures on the members pictures. click on to the image that you want. When you get the image made large page just right click and hit properties and copy the url. then past the url on the IMG key like you have been doing.

Try it..
This was copied right from your post above........don't know why its not showing up for you...looks like you are doing it right!

I use photobucket all the time....haven't come across any "issues"

Check the setting in your profile.
Look for BB Code Enabled.

Make sure it is checked to be ON.

This may be the problem.
Easy fix if it is.
I did some reading and in my profile, it seems that maybe a moderator or an administrator on the site may have to enable my BBC code. Thanks guys, it has become quite a challenge for me to understand this. I guess I got a little bulldog in me. :)
You have to enable BBC code in your profile. I replied to your post in Site Related. Cllick the YES button after it.

Scotty :wink:
Yeah, my buddy had to get a helping hand. If you asked him about this he would say he has absolutely never been stuck. He is a hell of a cook. Man Mike can cook!
Don't got a very good memory though.