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Smaller than a Mini


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This is an intersting concept. One of us could take this one a few steps better.


Slidin Gator

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You go right ahead, I see no value, at least as the laws of the State of Florida are concerned. By Fla. law I couldn't run that any place I can't run any other airboat, so the Kayak airprop setup doesn't get me any further up a creek than any other rig, without the proverbial paddle.

Mud motors is where the loopholes lie in Fla. Get to work on that electric mud motor trolling motor setup for your rig Krahammer :dontknow:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Slidin Gator

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terrible ted said:
Electric motors still fall into the motorized vessel.

Having received more than one ticket in my lifetime for operating an unregistered motorized vessel (canoes with trolling motors), I am aware of that point.

There are many "waters" of the state of Florida that are deemed off limits to "Airboats" and a fan powered Kayak would be reason for the FWC to whip out the ticket book. Many of those same waters otherwise allow motorized boats, which includes mud motors and electric water props, this is where the "Loopholes" lie.

Then there are waters with no motorized propulsion limits, that means a paddle or wadding, period.