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Sniper in the Everglades


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Last Friday I had the day off from work and got the chance to meet up with another SA member for a real nice ride deep into the heart of the Everglades. Sniper was down here on vacation with his boat and wanted to go for a ride in the Glades. He got to see area 2a on his own and my son and I gave him an escort into area 3a South. The water was skinny and the weather was a little chilly, but that's nice once in a while, as long as you are prepared for it (3 layers of clothes for the kid). We put in on Alligator Alley at the Miami Canal, rode around to see a couple of the camps, then headed toward the microwave tower so I could take my boy fishing. We enjoyed the scenery and the company for a while then headed south along the western edge of the Everglades Conservation Area near the Big Cypress National Preserve for some of the most awesome landscape you can imagine. It is so remote and primative it almost seems like you take a step back in time to when Florida was a much better place. Time flew by and as the afternoon went on we headed back to the boat ramp. I bet we covered close to 70 miles. When we got there I was in a hurry to use the little daylight that was left to catch a couple more fish with my boy. I wanted to say THANKS to Sniper for his service in Louisiana and continuing work as Search & Rescue. Almost all of my time on the boat is fun (notice the name Airboat4Fun) and it seems like he doesn't get nearly enough of that.
Southern Airboat has given me a chance to meet some of the best people.
Thanks Again Guys