So where are we meeting???


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Me and the dog will be out on the water Saturday morning bright and early. Is anyone planning on meeting anywhere prior to the weigh-in?? I have to be back in Plant City by 4 pm but I may come back that night or Sunday. I am starting a new job on Monday and will be moving to the Camp Blanding area so this will be my last trip to Lake Kissimmee for a while.

Powder, glad to see that new job is workin' out for you. Congratulations!
Granny and I joined Jerry's United Sportsmen Club last week.


Sad to hear you'll be leaving our ranks here :cry:

Trudy...I mean truly be missed . And you only showed me 1/4 of the marsh!

I'll proudly be flying the "old" Southern Airboat monthly run banner tomorrow at Camp Mack for everyone to meet and ride!