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Some Advice (from experience)


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I see that there is starting to be some discussion about where to ride and what not. I would like to share some stuff I found out through dealing with Op. Airboat.

1. The media is going to want a point of contact. Someone needs to step up and take charge.
2. This ride has the potential to really make a lot of kids happy during the holidays. It needs to go off as successfully as possible. It is my humble opinion that people follow decision makers. Someone needs to step up and take charge.
3. Solicitation of ideas and info is great but ultimately, a decision must be made by someone. Someone needs to step up and take charge.
4. If you expect the media to show, a press release has to be written and submitted sooner than later. In order write a press release you need details. These things don't write themselves you know. Some one needs to step up and take charge ( do you see where I'm going with this?)
5. Being in charge means that you have to make decisions but everyone may not like these decisions. What is more important, accomplishing the mission or pleasing everyone? It's a tough job but someone needs to step up and take charge.

Finally, remember "Field of Dreams"? The whole "if you build it, they will come" applies here. Come up with a plan and make it happen. Also, I've heard that Camels are horses that were designed by committees.
Someone neeeds to step up and take charge

BTW, I'm going to be heavily engaged with a class at Camp Blanding for 20 days in November so this isn't going to be my baby. I just need to know where to show up with my toys :p

All right I changed what I posted because I feel like I have stepped on someones toes here and made them uphappy which I did not mean to do!!! I am so sorry for doing that.
If you guys want to have it at Lake Washington let me know so I can get the Pavillion. I can help out as much as a can where ever you have it but I cannot do it by myself. I am willing to step up but I need help. I am not great with all that press stuff but I can do something.
I had made a final decision but like I said before I think I stepped on toes so I am not going to do that. Just let me know when and where and I can help from there.

Oh I forgot, thank you Adam for being there for Operation Airboat and giving advice this time. :lol:
That's what I'm talking about. Ms Dakota, you've made a good choice. You won't totally have to do all the work yourself, but people need someone to keep them focused. Making a decision and making it work is always better than doing nothing at all and failing.

I have lots of free time and I am glad to help. I would be happy to take the co-pilot seat and help with this event.

* I do not want to run the event. I am willing to help the person in charge with the work load.

I can be reached at 409-920-0716 anytime.
Looks like Dakota & Faron are going to set us up real nice! Thanks.

Woodswoman (Lauren) has a good list of press contacts from her office as info-master for the FAA. Flyers outght to be sent out to the other clubs in the state as well.

Thanks Faron. Now all we need is where we are going to have it. We know that it is going to be December 3. But no idea where yet.
I am going to talk to Lauren and see if she can help is out with the press part of it because I really suck at that.
I am like you Faron, I can't do it all myself. If anyone else wants to jump aboard please feel free to. The more the merrier. :lol:

I will be glad to help out as well if you need anything. I am very familiar with the Lake Washington area as I spend way to much time there during gator season. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the actual ride as I will be trying to break something while skiing in Colorado. But as for planning I will be glad to help.
Hey Guys,

You can count on me to assist with getting the word out! Whether Charity wants coaching on the How-To's, or wants to feed me the info, just like the Op..Airboat ride, is just a thang... we can do it either way.

We will let the media know in advance (not too much in advance) and copy out the club contacts, as we always do- you just don't see because they are blind copied.

Hope I can go too! Think there is a Lake Club Christmas party that same day, but I sure would like to ride.