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Southern Airboat Calender Please read !

Do you support a SA Calender with Girls and Airboats?

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Rich Andrews

Well-known member
We want to know weather or not you would support the site and like a nice Calender with Airboats and girls for 2008?

We have come up with the idea of doing a sponsored airbaot calender. This will offset the cost involved with the making of the calender.

Each month we would like to feature a different boat or Manufacturer. You can be as creative in advertising such as Hull Mfg by,paint by,engine by,prop by,seats by etc.

Depending on the support from this Poll will determine weather or not we pursue this.

We have secured a recognized photographer, a printing industry leader who does calenders for companies like Cigarette,Hooter....as well as some HOT models.

Each page will be up for sponsorship. The first 12 to commit will secure a month in the calender.

YOUR responses will determine if we do this or not.
can i be the model talent scout with expenses :D great idea and i know it would look good on any shop wall
I really wish I could do more to support this site. Maybe one day soon things will change a little. Rich you are really a stand up guy to get opinions before you do something that some may find offensive. Even though this is your site, if I am reading a little into your request for a poll, I believe you are considering everyones feelings. Is it that kind of attitude that makes you an airboater or does being an airboater give you that kind of attitude?
First off, Rick calls the shots at SA.

The thought on the calender was to raise money for the site, and offer an advertisement tool for anyone who wishes to participate. A lot of people have thought about doing it, and hopefully we will do it.

If it turns a profit Rick and I will probably come up with another idea. It was Rick's opinion to put it out on the site before we did anything together. All along we agreed to keep it clean and uphold the good reputation @ SA.

On a personal side, some people like me, some people don't. I am sure the same could be said about anyone else here. I was brought up a certain way and so will my son. Some how or another, we all just buy airboats when we get old enough??
I don't see where there is a problem Rich, I think it is a good idea for sure (even though it is women and not men on the calendar) but I am all for it and think its a great idea and if Dakota Airboats can be involved that would be great.
I think you could sell more calendars to different clientele by just including local airboaters and natural settings of the different places people ride . Mrs. Skin
I'm with you on that....we will feature spots from the Everglades to Kissimmee, to St Johns, and a west coast spot. If Alaska airboats comes aboard, we will have to travel to the far North....talk about scenery.

I think we have some great ideas on how this will work.....but we can't tell you everything.

Appreciate the feedback.....
I'm all for it if everybody else is. We've talked about this before and it looks to me like Rich has put a lot of thought into it.

I'll have to ask Teresa if I can help with the lights. :)

as long as the photography is up to speed- then god bless ! ill take a few they will be a hit as gifts for my buddies ! lord knows they all have enough with 69 cameros and mustang fastbacks and such- if some of the members here feel an attractive female is disrespectful for a calender- well maybe show some male deckhand topless giving the topless female captain a hand with her ropes :D that way we can have equality- with the dominant female companions that keep us around ! how does that sound ladies ?
and i dont think this is something that the few airboat mfs, should be able to come along to have this as there add, well unless they are as tasteful as what faron has done...but maybe - well i dont know maybe they have to be boats that are privately owned- so we dont end up with a calender for any one company- that doesnt seem right.........i think the calender should be for southern airboat members and with the boats of the members in it, now i dont know how this could work but im sure some of you out there get the idea im trying to express-
we all want to see the eye candy-
i would like to also see some boats that are baddass, and at the same time real boats that are out in the marsh not just in the manufactures showroom...........let me know if im off-base here, im starting to confuse myself, im real tired.nite yall.
T rex,
I hear what you are saying, and if we can pay the bills, and feature just ride boats(with mfg sponsor) we will do that. I myself owned an OLD Gary Thurman boat. From what Mike Thurman has told me, his father produced 12 of these boats. I sure wish i still had it, because it was time tested and proved. I am sure that some old game warden who ran the hull would appreciate it coming back to life, but it is MIA. I don't see why we can't come up with a Rank ride boat along with an all purpose ride boat. But, then again we can't tell you all our plans?
I'll buy into it, but I still think Brewster would look hot in a bikini, airboat and bulldog !

All seriousness aside, its a great project !

Scotty :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
As I discussed with your I am in 100% with the idea. I have always had the same idea in my head but did not want to finance the whole thing. I think you have come up with a creative idea to finance the calender. I will secure my month of choice and want to give the final OK of the model for my month. I don't want to have some rough around the edges type. I want to be proud of the ad. What think of me using the Supercharged Lone Wolf boat for the month. I put in my full support, and will volunteer my time to transport as many models as needed.
If you guy need some one to do professional pictures let me know I will do them for you and it will be one less expense just let me know when and where