Southern Airboat Ride (April 2006)

Should the April Southern Airboat monthly ride coincide with the 4/1/06 lake cleanup?

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See you there cc Ill be there Sat morning.Coming in from 417.I have Cabin 2 Sat night at Cypress.
Me`n da Bog Trotter `ll be thare. I might even bring some of da fam damily too.
I thought I might put in some where other than Camp Mack `cos of da conjestion. Probley go in at Grape Hammock and ride norf.
See ya den, den.
Don't won't to complicate things just want to know is there any agenda or itenerary for this ride or just a meet and greet at 12:00 noon at camp mack? Doesn't realy matter to me just thought I'd ask.Otherwise I'll be at camp mack friday and sat night and some where on the lake sat and sunday.

Scout kinda had an idea above.

How about we ride south on the lake also?

Maybe toward "polluted waters"?

I know a lot of guys that haven't rode down that way.

Do we need to PRE-REGISTER before heading out to pick up trash? Or can we just get going and be back at noon?
Yes we have to check in so we can put down we are with team southern air boat so if we get the most trash we can win the money.

I'm in for running way down south past bramaha island want to see new area
Hey ya'll,

Please check the thread under the K.R.V.S.A. thread area under"Ya'll heard it here first".

A little more info on the cleanup is there.

CC, there is some nice "skinny water" riding down there :) Maybe a stop at Ms. Bettys for cold drinks, then to polluted waters, then to :roll:

Need some help here :lol:

basketcase0302":1z58erxf said:
Hey ya'll,
CC, there is some nice "skinny water" riding down there :) Maybe a stop at Ms. Bettys for cold drinks, then to polluted waters, then to :roll:

Need some help here :lol:

Shady Oaks would be a nice stop.

All sounds real good. If they let more than one boat into the lock at a time, a trip thru there would be interesting to Laura and I. Last time I was there, I think I remember seeing a sign that said "ONE VESSEL AT A TIME". If there is a lot of current or other hazard, I'll wait to see the south river till a day we can launch at that ramp.

Riding south after the cleanup sounds like a good idea. Looking forward to it!!!!

Mood unless they have it blocked off right now you can launch south of the locks at hwy 60 or launch north of the locks it is a choice you have because of two ramps there. The ramps are steep so pay attention.

They may be closed due to road construction I am not sure on that.

I think CC was talking about riding down to the locks not through the locks but I may be wrong on that also. I seem to have been wrong a lot lately LOL of all the things I have lost I miss my mind the most ... and your just jealous because the little voices only talk to me. LOL
Polluted waters is my main agenda. And Country don't worry about all those voices in your head until they that's arguing with each other.
cntry141iq":2sbf1vdw said:
They may be closed due to road construction I am not sure on that.
We were a few months ago and both ramps were open. To get to the downstream ramp below the lock you had to pass a sign that said DO NOT ENTER CONSTRUCTION AREA but there was no gate or other blockage. Lots of kicker fishermen were parked there using that ramp.

It looked like they had just planted grass seed - a sign that that southern part of the construction was nearing completion.

I'd more like to just go thru the lock and do a quick peek around the south river, then back thru. But as I said before - NOT IF THERE IS CURRENT OR OTHER DANGER. Mainly for memories I have as a kid when we went thru the locks at Sault Saint Marie Michigan where the big iron ore freighters (Edmund Fitzgerald type) go thru to get out of lake Superior. It is a fond memory going thru those locks and I've only been thru the lock they have at port Canaveral since. It's out of curiousity and reminscing that I want to go thru the lock at Kissimmee. But it'd be a huge waste of time if they only allow one boat at a time. So I can do it someday when we're alone if it's safe to do it in an airboat.

The other points, polluted waters & shady Oaks are also stops I'm excited to take part of.

Jusst curious Thunder - Why is poluted waters so interesting to you? And why do they call it polluted waters? That's an odd name for a big natural place like Lake K. Is there some historical info tidbit that is behind it? Steamship wrecked there 100 years ago?

I don't want to go threw the locks but just to ride in a new area of the lake to sight see.

Is gardner marsh dry now or is it still passable
dry and passable maybe a little water in the trails maybe not have heard conflicting accounts of conditions there. I would think if running dry is something you need to be careful of then maybe better play somewhere else this time of year. Gardner marsh has claimed a many a boat when its dry and help is scarce at best.

polluted waters = long straight skinny water with dry banks for observation stations and for the adventurous a few trees on the hill for shady observation. afterall AIRBOATING IS A SPECTATOR SPORT dont ya know LOL
I have been told by several people polluted waters got it's name from being part of a cow pasture and all of the cow dung always stinks there. I can't verify this because I'm not a local in that area but I have heard this explanation several times. It's just skinny stagnate water that only has one good purpose.
Thunder let me see if I got this one...
BIG BAD airboat + skinny water = F-A-S-T
I wish I could be there, looking forward to seeing some of your machines in person. I really like the 'Glades' style hulls, but most of them down here are aircraft powered.

Mood, we went through the locks last year at the KSRVA/River Ranch run. They only let 1 'screw prop' boat at a time. Multiple airboats could use it at the same time, but NO mixing and matching airboats with 'screw prop' boats. It was my first time using the lock and I was by myself on the airboat (at least two people would have made it easier) I was just a little puckered when the currents took control of the boat and almost got turned around. Eventually managed to get hold of 2 of the ropes along the side and the rest was easy.

Remember when using the locks they STOP using it at a certain time (7:30 - I think) and you had better be on the side you want until the following day. ... 0/ppuser/4 ... 0/ppuser/4 ... 0/ppuser/4 ... 0/ppuser/4
I don't know how to get the pictures on the page, can somebody smart help?

There ya go Randy - And hint to help anyone out with photos... You need to get the address of the photo itself, not the gallery page. I think you can right click - maybe under properties. On my mac, I just open the photo in a new window, and paste that address between the tags. You an experiment a little using the PREVIEW button instead of the Submit button.

A little confusing, but it's not too bad. I hope this helps.

I got the idea of the lure of that area with cntry's comments - I guess no one is saying it right out. ;) I like that kind of stuff too. And spectating area is a nice touch. :D

Looking forward to it. We'll try the lock another time. I'm not into dealing with a major current at this time. Thanks for the Pic though!

Matt the current should be nil. No rain means no water going through the locks. The lake is on a downward slide so I don’t think they won’t be releasing any more water, but just like cntry, I've been wrong before also.
As for polluted water I thought it got its name from all the Lilly pads and heisens that took it over back in the day. It was great ridding last weekend there.