Southern Airboat Ride (April 2006)

Should the April Southern Airboat monthly ride coincide with the 4/1/06 lake cleanup?

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Shady Oaks sounds like a nice stop added to the ride! Would like to identify it from the water.

Oh yeah :lol: Lots of H.P. + skinny water = :roll:
Polluted water is a nice place to hang at!

Basket...Shady Oaks from the water looks just like what the name says...a bunch of shady oaks. There is a large piece of land sticking out from the bank and some remnants of a building there as well near the ramp. It is pretty claose to the south end of the lake well below Brahma Island.

Mood...I have fished the river and personnally I wouldn't waste the fuel just to go ride and look as there's not much there. Good fishing and hunting though.

I was in Gardner a week ago and it is getting dry. Like COUNTRY said, if you think you might have trouble running dry don't even bother going in.

I was just wanting to know if it is dry so I won't have to drive all the way around. I will be coming from lk cypress and if it is dry there should not be any problem just don't want to run dry for a mile or two'll be fine, I've seen your rig in action. There is still some water in the main trails but that initial jump from Cypress to the road will be DRY!! Once over it you should be able to make down to Kissimmee with only small stretches of bad stuff.

What sort of time are folk headin` out on Sun I`d like to tag along and see some new parts of the Big K.

Mood, ya ever wanna ride the river gimme a shout and we`ll put in at Bassinger and ride North there`s plenty to see and do. In fact I`ll be puttin` in there on Sun at about 10. Ya`ll come on
Limey Chris,

10 on Sunday sounds good. Enough time to stuff breakfast into the gut.

Camp Mack usually does have breakfast there at the "chuck-wagon" if anybody is interested. I know it is a decent price for some "stick-to-your-ribs" sausage biscuit gravy. :tongue8:

Limey when you say Basinger are you talking about Cornwell/Micco Bluff area? That is some good riding where the river has been restored.
blackpowderscout":16q495at said:
Mood...I have fished the river and personnally I wouldn't waste the fuel just to go ride and look as there's not much there. Good fishing and hunting though.

Just to clarify, I was referring to the part of the river just below the lock and south for a few miles. Not real exciting. I would like to go farther south and check out the restored part one day too.

The unrestored Kissimmee river is like running a big canal with the exception of oxbows here and there. It is not something you would want to run in an airboat. On the other hand, the restored area iconsists of prairies, marsh, and a winding river. Once you see the difference you really get a new appreciation for the river restoration project.
Put in a few weeks ago at micco bluff with Florida cracker. Went north from there, real pretty ride. like jdotson said, prairies, marsh, and winding river. Not as much water as a few months ago. Its getting a little dry, but still a great ride.
Hey ya'll,

The lake cleanup will end at Camp Mack around noon on Saturday.


This gives S.A. the chance to win the most "club" trash prize.

I'll have the "old" S.A. monthly run ride banner displayed on the "Basketboat". Would like to see who wins the K.R.V.S.A. raffle airboat, we can ride anytime after that and Sunday too.