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August SAO ride in Melbourne

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Well-known member
What are your thoughts regarding having an EMERGENCY chat tonight to discuss whether to proceed this weekend or not? Say, 7pm or so. I figure we will have a better idea as to what the storm will do. Also, if we do decide to cancel, this will enable us to get the word out so people don't show up and stand around alone.

I really hope to make this ride work!!!!!

My vote is to cancel ONLY if the storm does a loop-the-loop and then a u-turn, and heads to center itself right over the melbourne boat ramp.

Otherwise, I'M READY TO RIDE!!!!!!!

Of course the chat room is always open for chatting, but my mind's made up also.

I'll be in Melbourne Saturday morning.
We are going to see what the weather does. Should be able to leave here by 4pm tomorrow. Cross your fingers......

Basketcase(s) - IF you suffer any storm damage, or your friends/neighbors suffer damage, we totally understand your not joining us. Thoughts if your welfare will be in our hearts & minds.

If you experience any damage, please let us know! There may be something we may be able to do to help in some sort of way.

Once the storm passes, and all structures, property and/or souls survive, GET IN YOUR TRUCK AND DRAG THAT BOAT (& YOUR BUTTS) OUTTA THERE! If you get there late, we'll be happy to see you... there will be enough people there we can send one to guide you to join us and make a triumphant entry.

It's not that long of a drive, plan on leaving saturday morning and we'll see ya there!

matt & laura.
Yeah, well now you gotta go to all 25 places in this forum where you said you would not be there and change those messages!

just kiddin' :)

Get there if you can, and if not, we'll be hoping for the best for you.

matt & laura.
this La. boy is sitting in room 103 at Holiday express in melbourne as this is being written.
leaving room in 10 - 16 mins. to ride this afternoon.
WILL ride sat 27th.

look forward to meeting ya'll.
Well passtime, basketcase is out of the woods with this storm. Looks like now we'll have to keep an eye on it for you. They're saying cat. 4 at landfall now.

Hopefully, they won't shift it any more to the left. Aren't you close to New Orleans?

just returned from 2hr run.... no wind; no rain.

my lovely wife just called and suggested we dont try to return till Tuesday :( . looks like we'll have to stay and ride again monday :D

any takers for monday?

see ya'll in a.m.