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spottail needs some "wisdom"


I own a 15 ft. War Eagle aluminum boat that I use to "chase" Redfish in and around Beaufort, S.C. It is 42 inches wide w/ 40hp. Yamaha. I would like to set this boat up to apply aquatic herbicides. It will need to push a 225lb. operator plus 500 lbs. spray gear thru lilypads, surface weeds, etc... What do I need and where do I find it? Will the Honda fan motors the bowfishers use work? Rotax?
Spottail - When the water hyacinth gets thick and really tall. I have seen airboats that are really good rigs get high centered on clumps that are grown together. Takes quite a bit to get unstuck. That is one place I would want some HP.

Now if it is passable to get through with a outboard, you can make it, but if you are dealing with that hyacinth and it is thick. No way a rotex would work in my opinion.