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Spring Banquet


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Just passing on info...

The Legacy Center has been reserved on April 15th for the Utah Air Boat Association Spring Banquet. It was the only day available in April for the Legacy Center. We will have plenty of guns, sculptures, prints, decoys, ect to give away. This is our event to raise funds, so be prepared to spend a some dinero if you possibly can! I'll post more info as the weeks progress...

Activities include

Catered Dutch over dinner
Member Drawing
silent raffle
ect ect..

Membership is $50 and included all meals at our activities, special drawing tickets, newsletters, etc. Non members are welcome, there is a cost for the food, and they are welcome to buy general drawing raffle tickets.

We sell sheets of raffle tickets for $5/sheet (I think there are 6 tickets on a sheet)

Enjoy. :toothy7: