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St Johns river riding


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Im looking to do some riding on the St. John’s river. Where is a good place where I can park my camper and put my boat in the water. Something similar to Camp Mack on Kissimmee.


Renegades on the river in crescent city has a camp mack kind of feel to it. cool bar good restaurant.


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Thanks that place looks nice. I googled it, but it’s just shy of 4 hours away. I’m not ruling it out, but is there anything closer in the Christmas, Mims or Titusville area.


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I've camped at hatbill park, Mims FL.. I've never been to camp Mack, so I can't compare.. but as far as the St John's riding goes pretty much anything south side of HW 46 is blowboat territory..


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Loughmans Lake Lodge.

I don’t know anything about lodging or camping there, we just pull up for a drink and something to eat. There is a new owner and there are rumors of changes coming. If it isn’t what you are looking for now, give it a few years and check back. Maybe.....


Loughman Lake Lodge is closed for now. The new owner has future plans that does include airboats, I don't know anything about the time frame though.

The river's getting a little low to come out of Loughman Lake into the St. Johns river without a pretty major hill run right now..we need rain around here pretty bad.

I do see campers at Hatbill pretty often.

Check this link out: https://www.camplife.com/campground/Seminole+Ranch+Conservation+Area+of+St+Johns+River+WMD

Here on SA it's referred to as "The Kitty Camp" and you have to reserve it. It has a portalet, pitcher pump for water, grills, etc.. It's right by Hatbill...about halfway between sr46 & sr50.


terrible ted

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You can reserve the camp area at hat bill park and have a private camp sit. also I believe you can just camp at hat bill park.


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I am a new airboater and have only rode in the glades, my boat is a full deck sled made for riding in that area. No poly, steel flex on the bottom, 4 cyl motor. What do I need to know before riding the St. John’s/Lone Cabbage area? I know generally speaking it’s deeper then the glades and that could be a problem for my style of boat but I run my boat in the deep canals on the perimeters of the management areas without a problem. It doesn’t handle wind chop and boat wakes very good but it’s a sled after all. As a newbie my boat being fully decked has saved my ass a few times while learning to “maneuver”. I am up in that area a lot and want to do a little riding.

terrible ted

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The only thing is roots no real rock sand and of course black mud. From cabbage the trails on the west side heading south if you put in at Florence there trail is in the south west corner of the lake heading south. You can see them on google earth.


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2nd vote for Loughman lake!
The food there used to rock too, (not sure now as I think it changed owners)?