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Sta 1 walk on hunt this pm with daughter

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Since the airboat is 10-7, I thought I'd see if any of my kids wanted to try a walk on at Sta 1 today. I'm not a big fan of hunting them, but I figured it woud give the kids a pretty good opportunity to get some shots off and possibly connect on a bird or two. The boys (22 and 19) didn't like the idea of "possibly getting in" and passed, but my younger daughter (14) was all over it. I told her this would be her hunt, with all the focus on her getting shots. We met up with a buddy (Gianni) from another forum and formulated a plan. Gianni got picked third (a total of 17 walk ons to be drawn) and my daughter Lydia was set to go in as his second hunter and if I wasn't drawn I'd go in as the observer. They step aside and prepare to wait it out to see if I get drawn and lo and behold, I'm the next pick. We get parking spots right next to each other and of we go.

Gianni heads out in his layout boat and we head out in Gianni and Adam's (ALW) john boat (after we decide who's wearing which waders, she opted for my nephews and I wore mine. Smart move on her part as apparently mine failed miserably at keeping me dry, first time they ever leaked but they were sure good at it). Well I'm actually not in the boat, I walked it out. Lyd and I pick a spot and set up the blind and dekes, then I stowed the boat on the edge.


This is first time actually holding the gun on a duck hunt and turns out being the first time she shoots at any sort of game. Decent amount of birds flying and few opportunities arise without success for her. Then ringer hen passes awkwardly over top of us and she cant get a shot off, so I took it. I took maybe a couple of more shots on birds she couldn't get to and a few more at birds she missed on with out success. Anyway, she ended up getting several good opportunites but did not connect. Midway through the hunt she advised me that she was over her fear of missing and began shooting like she didn't buy the shells (oh yeah, she didn't). She went through more than a box of shells and we had a great time together.

Few things in this life match takin a youngun hunting and fishing. Its not the game ya kill, its the time ya spend.

Congrats on a very successfull hunt !

Scotty :wink:
You are truley a blessed man, memories like that are the
only true treasures we leave behind.