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Stakeholders Meeting 8/11


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Stakeholders meet on the Kissimmee River and lower chain of Lakes 8/11
SFWM reported the water that the river started to flow again on 7/18/07after 252 days of zero flow, this was not the record the longest time on record was 311 days. Phase four backfill project is 99% complete and should be 100% by the end of October. The feds have run out of money for the Boat ramp on the Istokpoaga Canal for this year's budget, they will resume construction in October which starts the new calendar year budget which will set this Ramp back three months which makes its date of completion October of 2008 don't hold your breath but keep your fingers crossed. Lykes brother's property is 90% surveyed they are signing a contract to survey Chandler slough hopefully it will be fenced by spring so we will have a hunting season next year 2008. Both the FWC & SFWM have worked together with mowing and preparing firebreaks in starvation slough and remove the fence in chandlers slough. FWC will be getting two new wildlife officer just trained from the Academy to patrol this area. The Shady Oaks boat ramp is still on schedule the plan review will be out soon. The funding for this comes from Polk County and South Florida Water Management not the feds so hopeful the money will keep rolling again keep your fingers crossed. We got the results back from the Chandler slough meeting on 7/21 I thought they were great thanks to everyone who participated. It goes to show we can make a difference just by showing up and again thanks to everyone who took the time off on Saturday to make this happen. Here are the top 9 concerns and suggestions 1. Reasonable access for all users from Lofton Rd, Highway 98, and Kissimmee River>2 preserving and managing wildlife habitat, water quality while maintaining the cattle lease. >3. Oppose rules that segregated user groups and have simultaneous use without time or spatial separation. >4. Uncompromised safety for all users and livestock. >5. Hunting rules and regulations same as the rest of the PUA with the exception of starvation slough. >6. Access for Airboating within the high water line 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days per year.>7. Construct an airboat ramp similar to ramp in starvation slough off Lofton Rd.>8. Oppose hunting for safety and noise levels. >9. Multi-use trails allowed. This was will attend by FAA mebers. :D

This is an excellent report! :wink: I sure wish Dawn and I coulda been there yesterday.

Can you please explain this one:
8. Oppose hunting for safety and noise levels.
Is this one from the landowners?

Thanks in advance,

This one got 3 votes from the representative which prioritize the list and the votes more than likely came from Jeff Bass >cattle lease holder, Tom Clements >Florida trail Association, and with out a doubt Dan Thomas Resident :twisted: but they have a say in this too. (we missed you two :( )